Joshua Rust is an Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Stetson University.

Joshua recieved his PhD in philosophy from the University of California - Riverside. He is the author of two books, John Searle and the Construction of Social Reality (Continuum, 2005) and John Searle (Continuum, 2009).  He is also the  coauthor of two articles in empirical philosophy concerning the behavior of ethicists as compared to other academic professionals (Mind, Review of Philosophy and Psychology). On the lighter side, he has coauthored with Dr. Susan Pepper-Bates an essay which is to appear in  anthology True Blood and Philosophy. His areas of interest include metaphilosophy, explanation, social construction, and Wittgenstein.  He  is also interested in the history of 20th century analytic philosophy and ancient philosophy. 

Joshua is the secretary for the Florida Philosophical Association and faculty advisor for both the Stetson Philosophy Club and Philosophy and Film Club.



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