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  Some of the classes taught by Dr. York at Stetson include:
  • First Year Seminar (FSEM 100): Medicines, Drugs, and Toxins
  • General Chemistry I (CY 101, CHEM 141)
  • General Chemistry I Lab (CY 101L, CHEM 141L)
  • General Chemistry II (CY 102)
  • General Chemistry II Lab (CY 102 L, CHEM 142L)
  • Molecular Architecture and Life (CY 152)
  • Organic Chemistry II (CY 304, CHEM 301)
  • Organic Chemistry I Lab (CHEM 201L)
  • Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 202)
  • Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (CY 416)
  • Biological Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 302)
  • Undergraduate Research (CY 450)
  • Senior Research Project (CY 451)
For specific information on your class (if you are a student), please see the Blackboard site for your particular class.