Senior Research
MATH 498/499
Margie Hale

More than just a body of knowledge, mathematics is a way of thinking and a persistence of effort. Senior research is meant to showcase the mathematics you have learned at Stetson. These tools, gained in your previous math courses, will serve you well in this capstone course. The senior research project has several goals:

Independent work is solving problems, finding answers, proposing new questions, and making conjectures on your own. You can expect help from me in asking initial questions, giving hints and suggestions, and listening to your ideas. You may use the library, the internet, other students, and professors. You must give proper credit for ideas that are not your own. See the statement on ethics.

Using advanced math is being responsible for the content of your previous math courses and building on that knowledge.

Creating new mathematics is going beyond exposition of someone else's work. Ideally, your results will be interesting enough to publish.

Explaining your work requires that you present several talks during the year directed toward other math students and faculty. You must submit a final paper containing your results.

Sources of project ideas:

Projects of interest to me:

Others areas of interest:

statement on ethics in research
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