Chaplin calls for making Ukraine a Christian state


Religiia v Ukraine, 30 December 2015


The spokesman for the Russian Orthodox Church [RPTs], Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin, who was forced into retirement, expressed sympathy for the Right Sector and urged its representatives to unite with opponents from the Donbass to develop a Christian policy for Ukraine, Religiia v Ukraine reports, referring to Apostrof.


The priest mentioned the Right Sector in responding in an interview with Snoba to a question about whom God is with in Ukraine—with the Russians or the Ukrainians.


"He is with those people who defend the possibility of living in a Christian way," the former spokesman of the RPTs said, adding that these are the most diverse people. "There are such people both in the Right Sector and in the Donbass and in Kiev. These are people who do not support yielding the country to the European Union," he said.


Father Vsevolod explained his negative attitude toward the EU in this way: "It is generally a system that I would call the power of antichrist. It is a system in which the possibility of placing faith at the foundation of the state structure is ruled out. There is such a possibility now in Ukraine, just as in Russia. It has not been implemented, but it exists. Sirs of the Right Sector and sirs of the Donbass, unite and outdo Russia in order to inscribe into the constitution of Ukraine that it is a Christian country, that life is protected from the moment of conception, that same-sex marriage is not marriage, but something else, and that economic policy should be conducted independently from the IMF and World Bank."


In his opinion, a state that is based on usury is an illegitimate state. "So here, if the men from the Right Sector and the men from the Donbass join together in this way, I will be the first to say: 'Ukraine has pointed Russia to the correct path.' But trust me, as soon as such an idea is proposed in the Rada, western embassies will say: 'No, we don't need that,'" the priest noted.


Meanwhile, the dismissals of Father Vsevolod Chaplin from his offices are continuing. On 29 December the presidium of the World Russian People's Council unanimously decided to remove Archpriest Vsevolod Chaplin from the post of deputy head of that organization. The chairman of the World Russian People's Council is Patriarch Kirill. (tr. by PDS, posted 30 December 2015)


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