Leadership of Crimean Muslims in dispute


RISU, 11 January 2016


The Ecclesiastical Board of Muslims of the Crimean peninsula condemned the idea of the creation of an alternative structure in Kiev. At the same time, the muftiate urged Ukrainian politicians not to use religion for their own goals.


This was stated by the deputy mufti of Muslims of Crimea, Aider Ismailov. The news was reported by Pressa Ukrainy.


"How can there be a 'Crimean muftiate in Kiev?' Why not in Istanbul, New York, or London? The Crimean Tatar nation lives in Crimea, in their native land, and the Crimean muftiate has always been alongside the Muslims of Crimea, and it is and always will be," Ismailov emphasized.


At the same time he stressed that the muftiate is trying to carry in a worthy manner the burden that Crimean Muslims have laid upon it.


"Let the politicians not try to use religion in their own purposes. The Almighty will not be on their side," Ismailov declared.


We recall that it was reported earlier that a leader of the Crimean Tatar nation, Mustafa Dzhemilev, stated that in the near future an ecclesiastical board of Muslims of Crimea will be created in Ukraine, with its main office in Kiev.


At the same time, Dzhemilev emphasized that the currently functioning muftiate of Crimea "does not reflect the hopes and thoughts of Muslims." (tr. by PDS, posted 11 January 2016)



RISU, 11 January 2016


The Ecclesiastical Board of Muslims of Crimea urged Crimean Tatars not to abandon the annexed peninsula and not to join military formations in Ukraine. This was posted on the website of the Ecclesiastical Board of Muslims of Crimea and Sevastopol.


Muslim religious ministers are dismayed "by attempts of some persons, who are conducting their own activity on the territory of Ukraine, to arouse the Crimean Tatar nation to some 'struggle.'"


"In particular, this is manifested in the form of calls to rise up and go out into the streets for a struggle with the existing government, to leave their motherland, and to join the ranks of armed formations in Kherson," the muftiate notes.


In the appeal to the Crimean Tatar nation, Crimeans are urged to "be vigilant."


"Do not be deceived by beautiful slogans, appeals, and promises; do not surrender to threats and blackmail on the part of individual representatives of our people who are far beyond the borders of our native land; maintain common sense, patience, and unity; hold fast to the principle of mutual respect and good neighborliness with all residents of Crimea, without surrendering to provocative appeals from the outside, whomever they may be coming from," the muftiate urges.


"Do not abandon the land of our ancestors under any circumstances and even more do not participate in antihumane actions and armed formations; preserve peace and create in the name of future generations," the appeal says.


The Ecclesiastical Board of Muslims of Crimea recalls the saying of the prophet: "The real Muslim is the one from whose tongue and arms other people do not suffer."


The Crimeans are being reminded that they fought for a long time for the return to the motherland after deportation and that "only the Almighty knows our destiny."


"None of us should wallow in illusion and think that he will acquire a happy life beyond the borders of the motherland. It is sufficient to view the multitude of the diasporas of Turkey and Romania in order to understand that whoever has left will not ever return," the spiritual leaders of Muslims of Crimea declare.


"Each of us bears responsibility for maintaining and developing not only our own nation but also for the development of the whole prosperity of Crimean peoples. And as the indigenous nation, Crimean Tatars should be a factor for stability in society and the guarantors of peace and security," they add.


As is known, earlier the initiator of a "civil blockade of Crimea," Lenur Isliamov, declared the creation of a Crimean Tatar volunteer battalion, which will bear the name of Noman Chelebidzhikhan. This idea was supported by the head of the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar Nation, Rephat Chubarov. (tr. by PDS, posted 11 January 2016)


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