Russian law enforcement attacks Pentecostal pastor


RIA Novosti, 26 January 2016


Investigators in Stavropol territory opened a criminal case with regard to the organizer of a religious association who, along with his assistants, incited in parishioners fear and helplessness by means of hypnosis, the regional department of the Investigative Committee of the RF reports.


"According to a psychological investigation that was conducted, citizens who were involved in religious rituals and ceremonies manifested sharp changes in reactions, depressed moods, and elevated psychopathic experiences with a tendency to aggression against others," the report says.


According to the investigation, in about March 2013, 32-year-old Dmitry Savin created a religious association of the New Generation church. Personnel of the organization, without medical education and licenses, used trance inducement, feedback, hypnotic and posthypnotic suggestion, manipulation of consciousness, and many other classical devices. In this way feelings of fear, helplessness, and guilt were induced in parishioners. People became dependent upon the religious association, becoming convinced that they could be helped with their problems only by obedience to the pastors.


During searches in the premises of the association and homes, documents of the New Generation religious association, disks with recordings of rituals and worship services, and a package with an organic substance that was presumably a drug were confiscated from the suspect.


"A criminal case was opened against Dmitry Savin on the basis of an article of the Criminal Code of the RF, 'creation of a religious association whose activity involves violence against citizens,'" the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee notes. (tr. by PDS, posted 27 January 2016)

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