Russian military celebrates Muslim troops in division honoring Bolshevik butcher


RIA Novosti, 4 July 2016


Moscow Muslims are giving Uraz Bairam greetings to their fellow believers who are serving in the headquarters of the Aerospace Forces of the RF (VKS) and the  Dzerzhinsky specialized motorized rifle division, the Ecclesiastical Board of Muslims (DUM) of Moscow told RIA Novosti.


Uraz-Bairam (the Arabic name is Id al-Fitr), which this year is on 5 July, is one of the two chief Muslim holidays. It is observed in honor of the end of the fast of the month of Ramadan. "Tomorrow we plan to visit two units—the Dzerzhinsky division and the staff headquarters of the Aerospace Forces. . . . We plan to greet ceremonially the believers and deliver to them a holiday sermon and then distribute gifts," the news agency's source said.


According to information from the DUM of Moscow, "up to thousands of Muslims" serve in the Dzerzhnsky division. In the aerospace staff headquarters there are 50 believers.


Also in preparation for the holiday, personnel of the DUM for the first time visited and greeted fellow believers in the Kantemirov division of the guard. According to information from the muftiate, about 200 Muslims are undergoing service in it. (tr. by PDS, posted 4 July 2016)

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