Baptist preacher convicted in Siberia


Website of prosecutor's office of Transbaikal territory, 24 April 2017


The prosecutor's office of Kalar district, jointly with the district subdivision of the UFSB of Russia for the territory, conducted an examination of compliance with the legislation on extremist activity, freedom of conscience, freedom of religious confession, and on religious associations, and it discovered a violation.


It was established that the leader of a religious group of the association of churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists in the village of Chara, presbyter Aleksei G., had not sent to the directorate of the Ministry of Justice of the RF for Transbaikal territory notification in written form about the start of the activity of the religious group in the place of conducting the activity. Thereby he violated the requirements of the federal laws "On combating extremist activity" and "On freedom of conscience and religious associations."


In violation of current legislation, Aleksei G. regularly conducted in the village of Chara meetings of a religious group whose purpose was religious communication and joint confession and dissemination of the faith of Evangelical Christians-Baptists.


The prosecutor's office did not see in the actions of Aleksei G. indicators of criminally punishable action and it limited itself to measures of administrative action. For committing an administrative violation of law, provided by article 19.7 of the Code of Administrative Violations of Law of the RF [failure to submit notifications], he was given a penalty in the form of an administrative fine.


Information provided by prosecutor of Kalar district, Badma Dorzhiev.

(tr. by PDS, posted 24 April 2017)

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