Citizen's snitch trips up Pentecostal group


SOVA Center for News and Analysis, 9 June 2017


An inspection by the prosecutor's office uncovered "illegal evangelism" in the activity of the organization "Regeneration 21st Century." This resulted from an appeal to the prosecutor's office by an electrician, who asked the prosecutor's office to investigate "the activity of sectarians within the context of the Yarovaya law."


On 8 June 2017 it was reported that the prosecutor's office conducted an inspection of the premises of the organization of spiritual personal development "Regeneration 21st Century" and it discovered "indicators of violations of law covered by article 5.26 of the Code of Administrative Violations of Law."


Attorney Konstantin Andreev said that the prosecutor's office accused the religious association of distributing materials with deliberately false identification of source: on the cover and in the documents the organization has one name (Organization of Spiritual Personal Development Regeneration 21st Century) and on the advertising fliers there is another (Church of the Full Gospel Regeneration XXI Century).


At the same time it is known that the religious group "Regeneration XXI Century" was registered in March 2015 in Moscow and that the inspection was caused by an appeal to the prosecutor's office of an electrician "from a law-abiding and proper citizen" who asked the prosecutor's office to examine "the activity of the sectarians within the context of the Yarovaya law." (tr. by PDS, posted 15 June 2016)

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