Dr. Ranjini Thaver


B.A. University of Durban Westville, South Africa, 1984
B.A. (hons.) University of Cape Town, Sotuh Africa, 1985
M.A. University of Notre Dame, Indiana, 1989
Ph.D. University of Notre Dame, Indiana, 1995

Professional Interests:

Political Economy of Sub-Saharan Africa
Economics of Race and Gender
Environmental Economics
Black Economic Empowerment in Africa and the Diaspora
Theories of Crisis and the Social Structures of Accumulation, and How it can be Applied to the Theory of Racism.
Economics and Philosophy
Developing an Africana Studies Program at Stetson

Country of origin: South Africa
Family: Single parent of one son, Vishnu Thaver, born in Indiana, 1991.

Hobbies: Reading philosophy, Swimming, Walking, Camping, and Day-Dreaming.