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   Determination of virial coefficients for argon gas at 323 K 
(Tandy Grubbs, Stetson University, 6/2006) 


   Determination of partial molar volumes in aqueous solutions of ionic compounds
(Arthur Ferguson, Worcester State College, 11/2006) 

   Bartender's conundrum:  partial molar volume in water-ethanol mixtures
(Tony A. Van Straten, Rebekah J. Williamson, and Franklin Chen, Univ. of Wisconsin-Green Bay, 8/2006) 

   Activities of hydrogen ion from pH measurements
(Tandy Grubbs, Stetson University, 6/2006) 

   Osmotic pressure and polymer molecular weight determination
(Tandy Grubbs, Stetson University, 6/2006) 

   Viscosities of simple liquids:  temperature variation
(Tandy Grubbs, Stetson University, 6/2006) 

   Adsorption isotherms:  methylene blue on activated carbon
(Tandy Grubbs, Stetson University, 6/2006)


   Standard molar entropy of aluminum oxide
(Tandy Grubbs, Stetson University, 6/2006) 

Phase Equilibria:

   Liquid-vapor equilibria: ΔH and ΔS for vaporization
(Tandy Grubbs, Stetson University, 7/2006) 

   Azeotropic composition for cyclohexane and ethanol from gas chromatography data
(Beatriz H. Cardelino, Spelman College, 3/2008) 


  Statistical analyses of flash point and boiling point data for organic compounds
(Peter M. Murphy, 3/2008)

  Investigating molecular structure and the 1-octanol-water partition coefficient
(Peter M. Murphy, 3/2008) 


   Strain energy in organic compounds:  bomb calorimetry
(Andrew J. Meyer, Jeremy M. Brunette and Franklin Chen, Univ. of Wisconsin - Green Bay,

Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy:

   Analysis of the IR spectrum of carbon monoxide
(Tandy Grubbs, Stetson University, 6/2006) 

Statistical Mechanics:

   Specific heat capacities and the Dulong-Petit law
       (Tandy Grubbs, Stetson University, 7/2007)


   Fluorescence lifetimes and dynamic quenching
(Tandy Grubbs, Stetson University, 7/2006) 

   Enzyme kinetics:  the alcohol dehydrogenase catalyzed oxidation of ethanol
(Tandy Grubbs, Stetson University, 7/2006) 

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