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One will usually need access to some type of quantitative analysis software to carry out the various graphing, curve-fitting, statistical analysis and other numerical methods associated with each assignment.  Software packages that are capable of symbolic mathematical manipulation, like Mathcad or Mathematica, are recommended (although some exercises can easily be accomplished within a spreadsheet style package like Excel).  No attempt will be made here to provide instructional advice with regard to a specific software use; the burden lies on the instructor to provide access to and any necessary training in an appropriate software environment.

Each exercise includes a specific list of prerequisites for understanding the theoretical background and, in some cases, numerical methods associated with the assignment.  As such, certain exercises should only be attempted after the prerequisite material has been covered in your physical chemistry course (or through independent study).

Suggestions for improving this web site are welcome.  You are also encouraged to submit your own data-driven exercise to this web archive. All inquiries should be directed to the curator: Tandy Grubbs, Department of Chemistry, Unit 8271, Stetson University, DeLand, FL 32720.