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Citing the Journal

The Stetson Journal of Advocacy and the Law is an academic law review, published by one of the best legal advocacy schools in the nation. It needs therefore to be citable just like any other law review. Since there are no fixed pages of content in our extensible HTML format, as there are in hard copy publications or PDFs, we number every paragraph in every article for pinpoint citations.
Accordingly, we suggest the following citation style: 1 Stetson J. Advoc. & L. 67 (2014), where 1 represents the volume number and 67 represents the first paragraph number of the article. Pinpoint citations would then be rendered as, for example, 1 Stetson J. Advoc. & L. 67, 89 (2014), with 89 representing the specific paragraph to which the citation is intended to refer. It is advisable not to cite the page numbers of the PDF version of any article, since no page numbers appear either online or in the ePub or Kindle versions.