The purpose of ASBE is to bring together the brightest minds from academia and industry to improve entrepreneurial education.

ASBE also strives:

  • To provide a means for the exchange of information and guidance concerning teaching, research, extension, and other activities designed to aid entrepreneurial firms and small businesses.
  • To enhance the relationship and cooperation between entrepreneurship academic programs and the entrepreneurial community.
  • To promote an interdisciplinary approach to solving entrepreneurial problems.
  • To develop methods for enhancing levels of recognition of participating faculty and staff of entrepreneurial programs and others involved in small business and entrepreneurial education.
  • To stimulate effective involvement and continuing interest of students in entrepreneurship.

ASBE Timeline

1974 The idea is born
1975 SSBIA is formed
1978 SSBIA’s Constitution is adopted
1987 SSBIA’s membership exceeds 100
1989 1st issue of the Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship is published at Northwestern State University in Louisiana
1991  Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship moves to California State University
1992 The “Fellows” program is initiated
1994 Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship moves to New Mexico State University
1996 The Small Business Administration dissolves its support of the Small Business Institute Program
1997 SSIBA changes its name to ASBE
2001 503 (C) status is applied for
2003 We went out on our own, withdrew from the Federation of Business Disciplines (FBD), and launched our own conference
2004 Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship moved to Southeastern Oklahoma State University
2010 Journal of Business & Entrepreneurship moved to USF St. Petersburg
2013 ASBE headquarters follows the Journal to USF St. Petersburg