Manuscript Preparation

All submitted manuscripts must meet these final publication guidelines. Manuscripts that do not comply with instructions specified here will be returned to the author without review.

To permit anonymity, the author’s names should not appear on or within the manuscript. Instead, a cover page giving the title of the article and full identifying information (name, address, telephone and fax numbers and e-mail addresses) must be attached in a separate file entitled “JBEXXXX” where XXXX represents the author’s last name(s).

The manuscript itself should be included in a separate file entitled “JBEXXXX.MANUSCRIPT” where XXXX represents the same last name(s) shown in the cover page file. In the manuscript, the first page should include the title of the manuscript along with an abstract of no more than 120 words double spaced. Also included on the first page should be 3-6 keywords. Key words should express the precise content of the manuscript as they are used for indexing purposes.

Manuscript Processing and Production

When a manuscript is received, it is reviewed by the Editorial staff to ensure it matches the mission and intent of the journal. Typically this decision takes no more than two weeks. At that time, the authors are notified vie email that the manuscript will be sent out for review or that it does not match the needs of the journal.

Manuscripts are blind reviewed by at least two reviewers from the Editorial Review Board. The review is based on the measures shown below. An initial decision should take no more than two months. The authors will be notified of the decision via email.

  • The topic of this paper is relevant, timely, and of interest to the audience of this journal.
  • The paper makes a contribution to the body of knowledge related to this Journal. It is highly significant, breaks new ground, and provides a foundation for future research.
  • The rationale for the paper is well grounded. It is based on a known theory or on an interesting issue.
  • The research methodology for the study is appropriate and applied properly The material of this paper is technically accurate and sound.
  • Discussion of the results is based on analysis of data; results aren’t overstated or over generalized.
  • Implications and recommendations relevant and useful.
  • The paper has clarity of presentation. It is well organized, clearly written.

Submission Permissions

Submission of a manuscript implies commitment to publish in the Journal.

Submission to the Journal of Business and Entrepreneurship implies that the manuscript has not been published elsewhere, nor is it under consideration by another journal.