and of requests for interviews with newspapers and TV.
Gary Sipe,
at Stetson University, found space
on the Stetson servers to host the
; David Caples helped me
edit a couple of the chapters.
Local musician and singer,
— one of Bob’s favorite
artists both live and on record — graciously allowed me to take six of her
recorded tracks from the albums
and splice them together to form the soundtrack to the
. Those tracks are
Ruby Falls
Song for the Mira
and, appropriately,
Florida Sand
Brianna Wetherwax,
at the Col-
lege of Law, and Kristina Macys,
, organized
the event with flair and a “can-do” attitude, and even laughed at some of
my jokes.
Dan Payne, Assistant Director of Multimedia and Event Technologies at
the College of Law, set up the audio-visual system to enable us to virtually
“present” the
to Bob.
My wife, Jan, generally managed to tolerate my spending hours on end
at my computer, and took out most of her frustrations on tennis balls rather
than on me.
Most of all, though, I would like to thank Bob’s wife, Marilyn, for going
along with the idea, offering helpful suggestions, keeping it all quiet from
Bob until we were ready, helping me choose the menu for the celebratory
dinner, and just generally being very supportive.
could not have been produced without you all.
Tim Kaye
Tampa, FL
February 2013
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