transforms is occurring across our nation, but often exists without the proper
framework or even understanding as to what is occurring. Using Taylor’s six
core elements, we now turn to proposing ideas to purposely create trans-
formative learning environments in law schools so as to put a name and
purpose to the practice.
IV. Individual Experience
Since it is the primary medium for transformative learning, perhaps one
of the most important elements is individual experience. Without an indi-
vidual experience there cannot be critical reflection. Individual experience
consists of what each law student brings into the experience such as their
perspectives, values, beliefs and assumptions, as well as what he or she
experiences within the transformative experience. Law professors and ad-
ministrators interested in creating a transformative experience must give
consideration to what each student brings in terms of life experiences and
Professor Meek has explained this important element with an anecdote
from his Negotiations class:
Part of what we did was first try to deconstruct some of the
patterns that the students had, so we set them up with a very
simple negotiation. It’s called the Batmobile and they are rep-
resenting either a seller or buyer in the sale of this used car.
And there was one student and for purposes of my discussion,
I’ll call her Wendy. Wendy was a 2nd year student and she had
taken on the role of being the seller in this very simple negotia-
tion. She had only one alternative to her negotiated agreement
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