III. A Celebration
Bob turned 70 in December 2012, and it seemed to me that that marked
an appropriate time for a celebration of Bob’s life and career, and of all his
Bickeling and shaking of the world. I should emphasize that he has no in-
tention of retiring! Indeed, he seems to have an added spring in his step
these days, as he talks excitedly about his Torts class, his Tort Law and
Practice Skills upper-level class and, of course, the innovative Constitu-
tional Law and the Civil Rights Movement
that is now rightly famous
throughout the nation.
But how to celebrate a career that has had so many facets, that is the
epitome of the inter-disciplinary approach to law that he so strongly encour-
ages? How to bring all those elements together — and, more importantly,
how to bring together all those people who have had their worlds gently
shaken by Bob Bickel?
I decided that the answer lay in Bob’s own personality, specifically two
facets that are probably less well-known than some of his other traits.
One such facet is that Bob (like Professor Dorothea Beane) is a great
lover of football. By “football,” I do not mean the American variety that in-
volves remarkably little contact of foot on ball. I mean what Americans (in-
cluding Bob) like to call “soccer”. He watches the English Premier League,
the F.A. Cup, and the European Champions League, and loves to dissect
each game afterwards and compare notes on how the American players
are faring in each competition. He is particularly keen on the international
games, whether in the European Championships or the World Cup, and
constantly compares the state of American “soccer” to the quality of play in
At the same time, he regrets the fact that he and Marilyn do not live in an
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