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Empowering Law Students to Achieve
Their Personal Best
Jeff Minnet
I. Introduction
The first semester of law school strikes many students like a powerful wave
they were not expecting. Students crowd my office seeking advice on how
to survive the rush of information flowing at them. When I talk with students,
rather than merely providing law school survival tips, I provide “thriving tips,”
which are strategies that will enable students to flourish in the law school
environment by achieving their personal best. The tips include strategies
to maximize reading comprehension and retention, class preparation tech-
niques, and time management and test-taking skills.
My experiences in working with students suggest that the utility of such
tips is limited both by students’ underpreparation for law school and law
schools’ resistance to modify their programs to meet the needs of the stu-
dents they admit. To make matters worse, the legal profession’s expecta-
tions of law school graduates have remained the same or increased in light
Stetson University College of
Law, Gulfport, Florida.
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