An endeavor like this could never be accomplished without the help of many
, former students of
Prof. Bob Bickel and now the name partners at
generously sponsored the event at which the
was presented
to Bob on February 19, 2013, in the Great Hall at
They have, for years, been generous sponsors of Bob’s
stitutional Law and the Civil Rights Movement
and are great friends
to us all at the College of Law.
Tammy Briant, another of Bob’s former students and now
at the College of Law, guided me through the process from
initial idea to the presentation itself, and politely told me what I was doing
wrong. She was also a great sounding-board for my ideas (and again po-
litely told me why most of them were wrong). She even found time to write
one of the chapters in the
Dorothea Beane, Philip Hadley, Barbara Lee, Stephanie Vaughan, Jeff
Minneti, Jack Bass, Abigail Pressler, Michael Labbee, Bill Kaplin, and Karen
Boyd also gave generously of their time to contribute chapters to the
. Some of them even kept to their deadlines!
Pamela Burdett, Sally Waters, and Kristen Fiato from the
at Stetson University College of Law scoured the archives
so that I could produce a timeline of Bob’s career. If there’s a mistake in the
timeline, it’s mine, not theirs.
Brandi Palmer,
at the College of Law, found
me a bundle of photographs so that I could choose to include some in the
. She was also a source both of constant encouragement
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