Alumni Update – Ben Burbank

Graduated: 2004
Majors: DIGA Art & DIGA Computer Science

Q: What did you do after graduation and what are you doing now?
A: After graduation I moved to Chicago where I became a freelance web developer for a pretty small web shop.  About 9 months after I moved there I got a call from Julius Santiago (also Class of 2004) that Electronic Arts was hiring people with my skillset in Orlando.  So I moved back to Orlando and I’ve been a Software Engineer at EA for 5 years now.

Q: Did you ever see yourself doing what you are doing now when you
took DIGA 101?

A: Yes and no; I totally saw myself working on video games, but I’d have probably punched myself in the face if I’d have said I would eventually spend several years working on sports videogames, especially Madden NFL.

Q: What advice do you have for someone taking DIGA 101 right now?
A: Be well-rounded, solve problems methodically, and be kind to your peers.

Q: What’s the best thing you learned studying Digital Arts @ Stetson?
A: In my DIGA classes, especially the art ones, I had to learn to accept criticism for what it was: a method to help you improve.  At EA I’ve actively sought criticism from my peers, and I want them to be as mean as they possibly can.  This has helped me advance and perfect my “craft.”  On the Computer Science side, learn to work well with others; the 300-level team project class was probably the most important class I took.

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