Senior makes the cover of Visual

Leo Dezes on Visual cover

If you are a prospective student, you may recognize the cover above. But for the rest of us who didn’t get one in the mail, I wanted to share the news that Digital Arts senior Leonidas Dezes (DIGA Art 2011) was featured on the cover of Stetson’s new magazine publication Visual. Inside, he talks about his diverse creative interests and his experiences as a Digital Arts major. We have featured some of his work on this website in the past and will be sure to share updates on his forthcoming rock opera with you when it is finished.

Also inside the issue was a feature on Eric Baum (DIGA Sound 2010), who divides his time between being a Stetson student and co-manager/bassists for Run Rhino. Eric is wrapping up work on his senior project this month, a hybrid electric bass & guitar that he created and extended with sensors and software. Look for a video documenting his project on this website in the coming weeks.

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