FSSRS in Jacksonville

Four of our students delayed the start of their spring break by one day so that they could participate in the inaugural Florida Statewide Student Research Symposium on Saturday, March 5.  The students and I made the trek up to the University of North Florida to participate in this event that showcases examples of undergraduate research from across many disciplines.  Both projects used Max/MSP/Jitter to explore advanced topics in computer music.

Jon Van Hoff shared the progress he has made on his senior research project which features a new implementation of concatenative synthesis.  The technique uses a real-time analysis of timbre changes to drive sample playback.  This work began when Jon was awarded a SURE grant by Stetson during the Summer of 2010.

Mark Kisch, Brittany Alkire and Patrick Sante showed off their final project from DIGA 461.  They borrowed algorithms from genetic programming and Euclidian geometry to create musical data and drive a real-time generative music engine.  You can hear a brief example of what this music sounds like here.

Congrats to these students on being selected for this inaugural event and for representing Stetson and Digital Arts so well!

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