FMI 2012 Results

We recently completed our annual digital arts festival, FMI: Festival of the Moving Image. The event is co-hosted by the student media group GHM: Green Hat Media and I would like to thank students Amanda Rienhart, Charlie Carr, Philip Meisner, Michael Johnpoll Mark Kisch, and Hunter Lee for all of their help. For the second year in a row the event was held at the Athens Theater in downtown DeLand, a great venue to host an impressive selection of works created by Stetson students. This year we screened two Senior Project videos by Kayla Gomme and Brent Walker and screened/exhibited  entries in three categories Sound, Interactivity, and Video. Below are the awards for entered works, CONGRATULATIONS!!

Best Sound Work

Richard Fendler, Centrifugal Force
Centrifugal Force by HostOfHeav3n
William Seward, Your Chance
YourChance by Beats-Per-Day

Best Interactive Work

Charles Carr, Michael Johnpoll, Jasmine Troche, Ian Campbell, Pongageddon

Best Video Work

1st Place and Audience Choice, Robert Langdon, Connection

2nd Place, Matthew Delisle, A Self-Portrait

3rd Place, Ashley Dykes, Shadow Of The Self

A special thanks to this years judge Adrian Garcia Gomez!

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