We have an upcoming show at the Hand Art Center that features two of our faculty from Digital Arts, Stephen John Ellis and Sean Peuquet. The opening is Friday the 13th of September 6:00 pm and the show will be up until the 19th of October.

“In Convergence art marks a point of intersection for the disparate practices of three Stetson faculty artists: Stephen John Ellis, digital media; Sean Erwin, ceramics and installation; and Sean Peuquet, sound and installation. (Photo, top right, is by Stephen John Ellis.) Beyond such literal applicability, Convergence further describes a set of considerations that operate internal to each artist’s work, and outlines those core tangencies that arise between them: at what point do the personal and impersonal converge?  How might virtuality serve to implicate, reframe, or even reconstitute reality? Is the division between the Singular and the Universal, as disclosed through narrative, identity, and direct perception, ultimately irreconcilable? Or, might we find a way to bridge the gap?

Individually, Ellis’ interactive, video and photographic work “argues for identity as a socio-aesthetic hybrid in an attempt to explain representations of self through the visual language of virtual realities.” Erwin’s ceramic objects and installations “use the seduction of fine craft as a device to engage the viewer in narrative while trying to understand some truth about human nature and the world around us.” Peuquet’s sonic art “leverages formalized, algorithmic structures against the contingency of imminent perceptual experience.”

Collectively, the juxtaposition of three divergent aesthetic imperatives only serves to retroactively reinforce the necessity to identify problematized, thwarted, and incomplete (if not impossible) notions of convergence in their art, reflected in both theoretical and sometimes literal ways. Convergence will run at the Hand Art Center from Sept. 13-Oct. 19.

Gallery Hours at Stetson’s Hand Art Center are Monday through Friday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The gallery is closed on weekends and university holidays. For more information call 386-822-7270.”

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