Mollé: Nostalgic Daze

Megan Mollé (2014) created a series entitled Nostalgic Daze as part of her senior thesis in ARTS 499 taught by Dan Gunderson.

In her artist statement, she explains: “My name is Megan, and I am the child of an alcoholic. Since my sixth birthday, the only place I’ve been able to see my father is in old family photos. He died from cirrhosis of the liver. Alcohol caused the separation between my father and me. These empty liquor bottles play a significant role in our “relationship,” as do the photos, making it essential for me to tie the two together and incorporate them into my work. Working with these objects helps me deal with his absence by reminding me that being an alcoholic isn’t a flaw in his character, just an unfortunate situation that he lost control of and wasn’t able to escape.”

unearthed_molle1 unearthed_molle2

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