Grisham: Generic Princess

Danielle Grisham (2016) created a multimedia story-book exhibit entitled “Generic Princess” as part of her senior thesis in ARTS 499 taught by Gary Bolding. She sums up the message of this project in her artist statement:

“Every Princess story follows the same rules- whether she is sleeping her life away, held captive by an evil witch, or trapped in a tower guarded by a deadly dragon the beautiful Princesses all have one thing in common: they need to be rescued.

But what if the Princess decided she could do it herself? What if she decided to be the hero and not the damsel in distress? What if she didn’t want to wait for the Prince to come rescue her? Maybe she doesn’t have all the answers, and maybe she doesn’t have complete faith in her ability to defeat the monster and survive, but maybe- just maybe- she has the guts to try.

That’s just what Princess Rosepetal decides to do. Will she make it? Will she even try? Will she give up? Or will she die trying? What if there is more to her life then just waiting and watching? You’re just going to have to read the book to find out…”


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