Taylor Gunderson: Senior Thesis Exhibition (Seven Deadly Sins)

Taylor Gunderson pictured beside his piece, Sir Piggy Banks VI

Taylor Gunderson (2016) created a collection of seven ceramic sculptures as part of his senior thesis for ARTS 499 taught by Gary Bolding. In his artist statement, he explains a bit of what influenced his focus on the subject of the seven deadly sins:

“Growing up art was more than a creative and expressive branch of culture, art was in my blood. My father has exposed me to all forms of art, but primarily ceramics. Stetson University is where my abilities to transform the clay into creative and unique entities has grown. Not until have I developed these skills into my own style, which could be characterized as dark and funny. My main influences came from the media and propaganda I was exposed to during my youth; TV shows, trading card games, video games, comics, action figures, and anything a young boy could get his hands and eyes on. The most valuable information I have learned about art from Stetson is that there is more to it than meets the eye. This means that art doesn’t always give the same feeling to different people, the reaction is unique for each individual. As an artist my work aims to direct attention towards social problems or situations that are occurring in society. My senior show focuses on the seven deadly sins, in a way I perceive them. Each sin is presented as a bust-like sculpture of a creature and individually they are accompanied by a distinguishing cut out letter, and some symbolic features that identify the sin. The attributes of each piece are chosen by researching a sin, compiling information about that sin, and then imagining how I would translate those characteristics into physical representations. How I chose to represent the sin is my perception, but there are many ways that the sins can be expressed. The seven deadly sins are in most cases depicted on a two-dimensional surface, such as a canvas or piece of paper, and are rarely found in sculptural form. After my studies as an art student at Stetson, I plan to look for a teaching position or apply for graduate school to broaden my knowledge of art. In my teachings I hope to help young students gain a greater appreciation of art and tone their skills as an artist. In graduate school, I hope to gain more knowledge and experience in the field of ceramics; as well as, refine my style to be distinguishable amongst my peers.”


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