Joe Palermo

Q: What did you do after graduation and what are you doing now?

Directly after graduation [in 2015], I was pretty torn about which sector of audio I wanted to dedicate myself to. I wanted to end up in a place that allowed me to explore as many options as possible! I had a summer stock theatre position lined up at Southern Illinois University that started a week after graduation, and decided to spend the few week in between exploring recording studios in Nashville. As fate would have it though, working at McLeod Summer Playhouse at SIU would be one of the most amazing experiences of my life and would ultimately lead me to move to Chicago! I’m currently still living in Chicago but the time I spend here is ever decreasing. I’m working mostly as a Theatrical Sound Designer and I love working with people wherever I can; which leads me to some strange destinations and some really interesting shows!

Q: Did you ever see yourself doing what you are doing now when you took your first Creative Arts course @ Stetson?

When I started at Stetson I wanted to learn how to mix audio so I could work with bands and go on tour. Thats it. However as I learned how to program my own sounds, work with interactive technologies, and developed my never ending appetite for new ways to mix the two together, I quickly veered from that goal. That’s when luck intervened and I was led to a place where new and strange technologies and even more new and stranger sounds are always needed, where new approaches to old questions is always a must and where people appreciate my slightly philosophical approach to sound: The Theatre. In short, I had no clue!

Q: What advice do you have for someone taking their first course right now?

Take your intro classes seriously!! You never know what might accidentally catch your interest! It can really make all the difference in your path through Stetson and beyond, trust me! I had no idea Audio could be anything other than a sound until Matt Roberts showed us how to make a digital puppets mouth move in DIGA 101.

Q: What’s the best thing you learned studying Creative Arts @ Stetson?

The best thing I learned at Stetson is how surprisingly interconnected everything is. It’s still amazing to me how somebody with a different craft, major, or social circle can have insight or knowledge you hadn’t considered on topics you thought you had figured out.

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