Fall Exhibition Opening Reception

These are the exhibitions opening up at the start of the Fall semester.
Take a break from the hustle and bustle of starting a new semester to attend the opening reception for these shows on August 25th, 6 p.m. – 8 p.m. at the Hand Art Center.

Oscar Bluemner: Visions & Revisions

August 18th – December 8th, 2017

This exhibition features a wide variety of never-before-shown works by Bluemner which reveal the range of his vision. Bluemner’s paintings form the backbone of the Hand Art Center’s collection.

Tradition and Innovation in Russian Art

August 18 – October 14, 2017

Murray Howe’s compelling images of Russia bear witness to a deeply polarized society on the brink of revolution. Extraordinary wealth and poverty resonate in Howe’s 1909 series documenting life in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Howe, an American photo-journalist (1869-1941), offers a privileged glimpse of the high and low of Russian society and culture during the final years of the Romanov dynasty. This rare exhibit of 38 photographs out of a total collection of 400, preserved by Howe’s great-grandson Andrew Murray Howe V, is available to museums and galleries as a traveling exhibition.

Extraordinary for their aesthetic beauty as well as for their insight into a vanished era, Howe’s photographs etch unforgettable impressions of turn-of-the-century Russia. The hardships endured by the peasant and laboring classes are contrasted with the elegance and grace of aristocratic Russia — a culture destroyed forever by the October Revolution of 1917.

Please visit http://www.empireandempathy.org to learn more about this exhibition.

Faculty Focus Exhibit: Madison Creech

August 18 – October 14, 2017

ANTIBODIES is a collaboration between the artists of the collective FEELD, including Madison Creech, Matthew Creech, Ola Lindefelt, and Wren Turco.
In this project, the artists focus on exercising resistance through the quiet productivity of foraging, and on showing a more sustainable and environmentally-beneficial way of consuming amidst widely unsustainable agricultural practices, by visibly targeting edible invasive species including the wild Loquat, Spanish Needle, and Winged Yam.

FEELD emphasizes visibility with the use of colorful jumpsuit outfits and bags on their excursions, funded by the Print All Over Me (PAOM) Endowment. The jumpsuits and bags are digitally-printed with custom designs inspired by the invasive species.
The exhibition will include the soiled jumpsuits and bags post-excursion, collected items and trash, and video recording of the foraging. Foraged items including the Spanish Needle and Winged Yam may also be on display.

Visit https://paom.com/designer/feeld to view FEELD’s designer jumpsuits and bags.

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