August 29th: Lecture by Katya Kudryavtseva

Russian Art

Come to the Hand Art Center this Tuesday from 7 to 8 P.M. for the opportunity to hear a lecture from one of Stetson’s own professors. Cultural credit is available to earn.

The Lecture

Professor Katya Kudryavtseva will be presenting a talk on “Tradition and Innovation: Russian Icon Painting and Avant-Garde”. The topic is greatly relevant to the fall exhibit displaying photographs by Murray Howe. Professor Kudryavtseva’s specialty lies in the interplay of art history, politics, art institutions, and business within 20th century art. She studies how these factors help develop the canon of modern and contemporary art.

The Exhibition

The Hand Art Center’s “Tradition and Innovation in Russian Art” will be on display until October 14th. This unique collection features images taken from an American photojournalist’s trip to the cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg in 1909. The exhibition demonstrates how Russia’s national heritage and rapid movement toward modernization dueled with the influences of Western civilization, creating a society of contradictions that would eventually lead to revolution. Howe’s photography captured the people’s striving toward a new identity and, in turn, a new form of art.

Click on the following link to find more information on current exhibitions at the Hand Art Center:

The photograph featured is one of Howe’s, taken in Moscow in 1909 and titled “Thieves Market”.

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