Upcoming Lectures

These upcoming lectures and discussions relate to the Fall Exhibitions in the Hand Art Center. Attending these lectures and discussions will not only expand your knowledge on these subjects, but give cultural credit as well! Make sure to add these dates to your calendar.



Lecture with Katya Kudryavtseva – “Tradition and Innovation: Russian Icon Painting and Avant-Garde”

August 29th 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Hand Art Center

Katya Kudryavtseva specializes in art of the twentieth century with a focus on the intersecting trajectories of art history, politics, art institutions and business and their role in the development of the canon of modern and contemporary art.

Panel Discussion with Faculty Focus artist Madison Creech and her collaborators: Matthew Creech, Ola Lindefelt, and Wren Turco

September 7th 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Dupont ball library 25L 

Madison Creech, textile artist and Creative Arts professor at Stetson University; Matthew Creech, illustrator, print collagist and barista from North Carolina; Ola Lindefelt, Swedish-born experimental cellist and audiovisual composer; and Wren Turco, photofilm sculptor and minimal electronic musician from Florida. Drawing on shared concerns and ideas as well as their diverse backgrounds, the four artists recently started collaborating as the FEELD collective.

“Beau Monde on Empire’s Edge: State and Stage in Soviet Ukraine”

September 14th 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.
Hand Art Center

Book presentation and roundtable discussion with author Mayhill Fowler, Dr. Zavlunov, and Dr. Kudryavtseva about what happens to art in the revolution.

Andrew Howe Collectors Lecture

September 28th 7 p.m. – 8 p.m.
25L DuPont Ball Library 

Murray Howe’s compelling images of Russia bear witness to a deeply polarized society on the brink of revolution. Extraordinary wealth and poverty resonate in Howe’s 1909 series documenting life in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Howe, an American photo-journalist (1869-1941), offers a privileged glimpse of the high and low of Russian society and culture during the final years of the Romanov dynasty. This rare exhibit of 38 photographs out of a total collection of 400, preserved by Howe’s great-grandson Andrew Murray Howe V, is available to museums and galleries as a traveling exhibition.

Extraordinary for their aesthetic beauty as well as for their insight into a vanished era, Howe’s photographs etch unforgettable impressions of turn-of-the-century Russia. The hardships endured by the peasant and laboring classes are contrasted with the elegance and grace of aristocratic Russia — a culture destroyed forever by the October Revolution of 1917.

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