2018 FIEA Applications

FIEA Summer Research Experience

Looking for something different to fill your summer? The days are running out to apply to for the FIEA summer research experience. This is an opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge and explore new technology.

The Program

FIEA, which stands for the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, is located on the University of Central Florida’s campus. It is a graduate student program that focuses on game development. Set up similarly to a SURE grant, Stetson students have the opportunity to experience a summer program with the Academy. Through the program, students will be able to pursue areas of interest for a research project while using the Academy’s facilities.

Last year, Bianca Santimaw and Daniel Viruet and were chosen for the program. Both Stetson students created their own video games. To learn about the program from a student’s perspective, click over to this article in which both students were interviewed.

The Application

Students from any major can apply. However, it is required that the student hold at least a sophomore standing and will be attending Stetson in the fall of 2018. Each student will need to choose a faculty mentor with whom to work.

More details about the application process and the Academy can be found here. This year the deadline is Friday, February 2nd. Interested students should email their applications to creativearts@stetson.edu.

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