Creative Arts Students Featured in 2020 Showcase

Stetson Showcase is a celebration of achievement that was established to foster an appreciation for academic excellence at Stetson University. Student presenters share their research through presentations, portfolios, posters, readings, music and theater performances, art shows, and multimedia work. They present their programs in professional settings for audiences that include judges, faculty, fellow students and interested members of the community.

Due to the coronavirus, the Stetson Showcase 2020 is now virtual. See each of this year’s Creative Arts student’s presentations below.

Drake CunninghamAn Observation of Societal Injustices Towards Antisocial Personalities

John LeveeSeasons: Summer, Examining the Relationship Between the Presence of Audio and Subjective User Experience in the Context of Virtual Reality

Emily Maule: Where Has the Art Gone? Examining the Use of Imagery in the Baptist Community

The full list of 2020 Showcase presentations can be found here.

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