AUDITIONS Spring 2021


for Stetson’s Spring 2021 theatre production

The way things were: A virtual retrospective of first-hand accounts of Stetson, DeLand, and our corner of Florida

directed by Dr. Ken McCoy

After the success of the Fall 2020 virtual production, and due to the ongoing pandemic, our Spring 2021 show will also be virtual. It will be a devised work of theatre, an original work of public history researched, written, and performed by the cast, in collaboration with other students, faculty, alumni, and local organizations from a variety of disciplines. I think this will be a fun and exciting experience, beginning with your audition!


  • download, complete, and email the audition form here to [email protected]
  • use your cellphone or other video recording device to capture your memorized performance of
  • any spoken primary text of your choice, approximately 30 seconds in length,
  • presented in character to the camera as if you were the original speaker.

Examples of primary texts might include a diary entry, personal letter, court testimony, interview, newspaper op ed, campaign speech, etc. – anything that fits the definition of “in their own words.” Upload your virtual performance to YouTube, Google Docs, or OneDrive and email the link to [email protected] sometime before Sunday January 17.

NOTE: If you upload to YouTube, be sure the settings are on “unlisted” and “not safe for children.”

IF YOU HAVE TROUBLE or can’t make this work, do not give up. Email me at [email protected] and we will work something out.

If you’ve never done this before, a few pointers:

  • Please make sure you can be seen from at least the waist up and that there is more light on your face than in the background (beware windows and lamps). A neutral background is best.
  • Test the sound to make sure you can be heard and understood; project your voice appropriately.
  • Technical recommendations: In order to keep the file size manageable, set the video resolution in your device settings to 720-1020p, definitely not as large as 4k. MP4 or MOV are typical file formats; MP4 usually yields a smaller file.


This series of streamed performances is based on little-known – or little-appreciated – events and people from Stetson University, Deland, and the surrounding areas. Presenting voices from the past, these performances paint a vivid picture of the way things were, in the words of those who lived it.

Running the gamut from poignancy to protest, these performances lead us to a better remembrance and understanding of the place we call home and how we have come to live together here – whether we are here for good or only passing through.

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