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Stetson & Cal State Polytechnic Collaboration Drone Happenings

This is a collaborative effort between Stetson University and Cal State Polytechnic, where students designed happenings and social sculptures to take ... Read More »

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Stetson Digital Arts named in top 50 Game Design programs

The Princeton Review and GamePro magazine have named Stetson's Digital Arts program in the top 50 (out of 500) game design programs in the coutry. We ... Read More »

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Mac Sounds

Ever wonder who created the infamous start-up sound of the Macintosh? Check out this very interesting interview with Jim Reekes the creator of the Mac... Read More »

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Here the Nothing

Here the Nothing from gloobic on Vimeo. A timelapse dance video made by syncing to a music track played through headphones at quarter speed, the d... Read More »

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Scrap Yard Challenge Workshop

Every year we invite an artist or group of artists to give a hands on workshop here is one we did in the past. Jonah Brucker-Cohen and Katherine M... Read More »

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