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Larson on Rhizome

Derek Larson was blogged on Rhizome (they even used a still from his video to promote the show).  The show being promoted will be in the Williamsbur... Read More »

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Wolek @ FMEA 2010

Nathan Wolek delivered a lecture entitled "Laptop = Instrument?" at the Florida Music Educators Association's annual clinic-conference in Tampa, FL. ... Read More »

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Interactivity and Art Finals

Students in DIGA 231 Interactivity and Art learn how to program their own interactive software using Max/MSP and use Arduino boards to create a link ... Read More »

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Computer Music Finals

The videos below are by students in the Fall 2009 version of DIGA 461 Computer Music, where undergraduate students learn to use Max/MSP as a platform ... Read More »

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MPG on Wooster

The Wooster Collective Blog just posted about MPG: Mobile Performance Group! Wooster collective is from NYC and they "are dedicated to showcasing and... Read More »

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