The Making of an Internship

I work with  the office of Continuing Education and Outreach (CEO) during the school year as a work study student, and the transition to “Marketing and Media Intern” has been interesting.

Some of the things I was working on before transferred over into my duties for the past few weeks. I’ve been helping sort out room keys, fob access, check-in-check-out for camps, etc. This is the first year of this internship, so none of us are quite sure how it’s going to workout. Ideally I’m supposed to meet with someone in the marketing department once a week and shadow them, then apply those skills to media for CEO. So far, Marketing hasn’t been communicating well with us. However, Dana Simmons in Admissions emailed me and she will soon have me work on various designs that the university will use.

Even though I haven’t been able to meet with marketing, I have been able to do a bit for the social media for CEO. I created a Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page for the department. I’ve been going around campus and taking pictures of the campers, what they’re doing, and show that they’re having fun. I’m able to play around a lot with what makes a good photo, what doesn’t, depth of field, angles… I’m learning a lot from trial and error, but my supervisor and I are still trying to reach out and have me do more.

It’s a slow start, but soon everything will work itself out. For now, I’m taking pictures and running the social media. I look forward to updating you when all the pieces begin to fall into place!

Stay classy,

Taylor Hamilton

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  1. Things often get off to a slow start in internships, especially when the position is new. You may need to advocate to be sure you are applying your Digital Arts and Marketing skills more. Make sure that gets priority, since that is the purpose of your internship.

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