Weekly Journal 3

This week I completed my first goal. I finished the rough draft of all of the itineraries that I have been working on since the beginning of my time with the Alliance. I felt very confident about this first draft and my supervisor will be revising them over the next week so that we can get them published to the website! I am excited that I have had the opportunity to work on a project that directly and positively affects those who are visiting Hillsborough.

I then began working on the list of elementary school teachers in the area and compiling spreadsheets that were organized by school and grade. This list will be used in early august so that we can send out an email to the teachers about the services that the Alliance offers for field trips. While this work was not difficult, it was tedious. However, this is one of the steps that needed to be completed in order to send that email. I finished the list by the end of my day on Wednesday and now I believe my next projects will be drafting the email and revising the itineraries.

Although I didn’t go to the visitors center for work on Thursday, I did attend a tour of Ayr Mount. This is one of the local historic sites that Hillsborough prides itself on. While I had been to the site many times and walked the grounds for countless hours, I had never been inside the house. It was a fantastic experience and I learned a great deal about the house and the family that built it. I look forward to conducting more research on the historic sites in Hillsborough. Hopefully they all live up to the standard set by Ayr Mount.

This upcoming week is the big July 4th Parade and Picnic. This is out big event for the summer, so it will be an all-hands-on-deck experience. I anticipate that it will run smoothly and the weather should be nice. I will have more information to write on it next week I am sure.


Weekly Journal 2

This week was similar to my last week of work. I continued to work on the itineraries for visitors to Hillsborough. I also began compiling the list of elementary school teachers and their emails. This list will be an outreach resource that can be used to contact the teachers about the potential of bringing their students to Historic Hillsborough for a tour and to learn more about its rich history. My next step in that process will be to begin drafting the letter that will make its way to those teachers, which will explain the possibilities available to them through the Alliance.

On Thursday of this week I attended a research workshop at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The workshop was organized by the Chapel Hill Preservation Society and was offered to the HHA’s interns as well. At first I was skeptical as to what we could learn from UNC, but I soon found that they have historical information on all of North Carolina.

I, along with my fellow HHA intern and two CHPS interns, learned all that Wilson Library on UNC’s campus has to offer in the way of historical information and how to access it. Sanborn maps, personal correspondence, and newspaper microfilm are all available to us either online, or in person at the library. The Sanborn maps are especially intriguing as they offer the opportunity to look back at the physical plot of the town of Hillsborough dating back to the 1800’s. I can certainly use this information as I continue through my work in this internship.

Here is the link to the website for Historic Hillsborough. It is one of the projects they are currently trying to work on, but it does offer a good overview. The Itineraries that I am writing will be posted to the website once they have been reviewed and approved. http://www.visithillsboroughnc.com/

Weekly Journal 1

The first week of my internship with the Alliance for Historic Hillsborough was a full and exciting one. I arrived on my first day, a Sunday, to learn more about the Alliance and what I would be doing for the summer. Immediately, I was thrust into a learning experience as visitors to Hillsborough started flooding through the front door of the Alexander Dickson house (The historic building that houses the Visitors Center). For the remainder of my time at the Visitors Center that day I was learning on the job as people asked questions about Historic Hillsborough or the area in general. In between visits, I learned that my main focus for the summer would be to assist with the welcoming of visitors to Hillsborough, the organization/promotion of the July 4th Picnic, creating itineraries and self guided tours for those who might visit Hillsborough, and any other projects that will present themselves. I was also given a working history of the Alliance and how the visitors center fits in with its responsibilities. Having lived in Hillsborough for the past 9 years and being involved with events in Historic Hillsborough during that time, I am lucky enough to already have a good knowledge base of what Hillsborough has to offer. I am confident that I can put that information onto paper or into words for those that are seeking it. For the remainder of the week, I focused on writing the itineraries so that they can be posted on the website and available as soon as possible to those that need them. I made good progress and I am happy with the way they are turning out. This coming week I will continue working on them when I can, but I will be traveling with my family in the midwest and I will return to Hillsborough on June 18th.