Helwig Internship Week 1: January 20th & 22nd

During the past couple semester I have taken an interest in the art of broadcasting. To gain more practice in this field I decided to put my application out on the market and apply for internships. After waiting for responses for a while, WESH 2 news in Winter Park accepted me into the program. This past Tuesday I finally started my internship in broadcast engineering and production.

Like I stated before this internship was split into 2 parts, one in the engineering department and the other in the production department so each Tuesday and Thursday I am in two different areas. My shift starts at 11:00AM and ends around 7:00PM each of those days. On my first day, I started out the shift in master control which is the control room for 5 different NBC stations in the area. I shadowed the master control operator for four hours of my shift and learned his duties for the day. These duties include: logging that shows and commercials are playing every 10 minutes, monitoring incoming television shows that are about to be prepped for the air, checking on temp levels of satellites, making sure bugs go on air, and a couple more smaller tasks throughout the day like lining up satellite shots. This job is very important to the television station since commercials are money and if they don’t air, they will not get paid. The second part of the day was spent on the production side for the afternoon news cast. The first month of the internship I will be out on the floor shadowing the floor manager and the robotic camera operator, 2 weeks each. So the second part of the day was spent behind the scenes with the robotic camera operator. What I learned on the first day was how to translate the news script and how to coordinate different shots for the news casts. The script has many abbreviations for shots I have never knew of, so for the 4 hour broadcast I pretty much sat looked at the abbreviation then looked at the camera angle to figure out what it was. This was helpful though so I know what they are in the future right off the bat. Overall, I did a lot of shadowing the first day but I learned a bunch.

The second day was very similar  to the first one, I started out in engineering in the morning then went to production in the afternoon. This time in production I was in master control, but I was learning how to prep shows for 4 hours. Prepping show is the process of breaking down shows so the station can put local commercials in it and put there bug (watermark) on it as well. To do you have to pull the show apart in a linear video editing software called AR. The process involves scrubbing though a bunch of shows then marking in and out points. Along with that, it has to be double checked because once it is done, it could possibly go right on the air. (I have the whole process lined out in my notes.) I spent the 2 hours learning the process and then they actually let me prep shows like Family Guy for the rest of the time. After I was done with prepping then I moved on to production for the rest of the shift. Just like day one, I spent the four hours learning the abbreviations by listening to the headset, looking at the shots, and writing down notes. This might have been a little redundant but practice makes perfect. To conclude the second day was great and I am excited I got to do some hands on work. I can’t wait to learn more next week!

Week 2 Journal: Jan 19-23

Project: Proof read and submit changes for 128 page catalog previously updated for 2015.

Client: 3W International. A recruitment and home-stay management company for international students from Brazil, China and Eastern Europe. Promoting more than 140 private high schools in the U.S.

Background: Since the company’s conception 3 years ago, this fast-paced corporation has been a moving target responding to the needs and direction of some 20 plus marketing personnel.

To date, there is not an overall Marketing Director. This in itself presents a great deal of challenges. The direction of the design materials has fallen almost entirely onto Polley Creates to implement, design and retain consistent branding of all print and web. The school catalogues have changing agenda, and revisions. The web site, gostudyus.com has over 96 pages.

Goal: To become the eagle-eye for brand consistency, type revisions, changes, accuracy of information, and an overall fresh set of eyes! This project will be presented as a PDF document with changes and suggestions offered in an email or word format. Once revisions are made aware, the book will also be produced in Portuguese.

Reflection: This task is much different than the tasks I was expecting to receive. However, after some discussion with Lynne I realized a few things about this type of work. Lynne organizes our meetings in a way where she has a story to tell or a lesson to teach me each time. One of her main goals is to provide me with practical experience in this environment. During our meetings, I asked her if she ever gets jobs that she is not that excited about or become tedious. She brought this project to me, explaining that often times she is in charge for proof-reading and editing the content that she receives as any errors in spelling, grammar or sentence structure. These responsibilities end up falling back on her because the company has not organized this position ahead of time. The content is still a reflection of her work since it is part of the artwork, even if she is being provided with most of it. What I found surprising was the fact that proof-reading and editing is involved in this type of job, perhaps more-so then I first realized. Something interesting to know about me is that I love to write. In high school and throughout college many of my friends would ask me to read their essays or check them for errors. Surprisingly it’s something I enjoy and I always wondered how I could incorporate my passion for writing into my work. It is nice to learn through Lynne that there will be many opportunities to push that hobby into my artwork as well. That is exciting to me!

Week 1 Journal: Jan 12-16

My first task working for Lynne at her graphic design studio in Orlando was to design a series of full page magazine ads for local dentist. Lynne and I discussed how her client wanted to project a new direction, but keep the essence of branding established for the past few years. The client that I will be creating advertisements for is Lake Mary Pediatric Dentistry. Some background information about Lake Mary Pediatric Dentistry is that they handle all of their marketing in-house; they are family owned by Dr. White and his wife Jen. Jen White makes all of the marketing decisions with regard to promotion. The largest expense to date for marketing are full and quarter page ads that appear in a bi-monthly, local Magazine called Lake Mary Life. Our goal this year is to create eye-catching -colorful ads that will be attention getting while keeping within the feel of a “kid-friendly” environment. Overall, my goal is to create a series of ads, 3 at most that we can utilize throughout the 2015 calendar year. Right now, I feel really excited that Lynne has given me this opportunity. It is crazy to think that my work could be displayed in a magazine for my local community to see. The first time I was involved with Lake Mary Life Magazine was back in high school for the Reynolds’ Right Hands texting campaign initiative. It is exciting to be working with them again. In my designs, I plan to follow her directions but also research other children’s dental ads. This project offers a lot of creative expression due to the theme of the Dentist’s office. I plan to use colorful, vibrant shapes and backgrounds that complement their tropical theme but maintain a sense of organization that parents can read and understand. I also have to make sure that I follow proper templates in accordance with LMLM standards.