Week 8 Journal: March 23-27

During my internship this week, Lynne gave me a new project to work on that will end up going on throughout the course of the summer. It is a project for a Historic pool site in West Virginia that was recently saved from being completely torn down. Now that the property is saved, they want to revamp the entire pool by adding a logo to the bottom of the pool as well as have all new materials for the pool site that include membership cards and even a set of design standards for them to use. The Margaret Mason Weir Memorial Pool, located in  Weirton, WV, is a reminder of Weirton Steel’s boom years which is when the site was first constructed. The Art Deco swimming pool and surrounding Marland Heights Park have been the center of Weirton’s recreational activities since July of 1934. The history of the park and pool is intertwined with that of the city of Weirton and its leading manufacturer, Weirton Steel. I am going to do my best to create an iconic logo for them that combines art deco and maybe touches of steel and water elements that help represent the area at its best. It is nice to feel part of something that is historic. Lynne thinks that we should take a drive up there this summer to see it once it is all complete. I think it would be a great asset to my portfolio!

Week 7 Journal: March 16-20

This week at my internship with Lynne, she asked me to come up with some questions that I wanted more time to explore. Since I was recently offered a job with office depot in their printing services, I wanted to ask her about printing. Not so much the logistics of printing per se, but rather the way to deal with customers who need items printed. I guess my concern was that I would not have a good understanding of their needs, although it was probably just my anxious feelings about starting a new job in a new environment. Lynne said that as long as I am polite to customers, always say “yes” and always make them feel comfortable, then I will have no problem with my orders. She said that I have to prepare for people who will be mean and yell, she says not to take it personally. That is probably the key thing I will have to keep in mind when pursuing my career. I think it is very important separating work from personal life. Even if I am invested in my work and passionate about it, there is no reason to allow someone else effect me in a negative way. It is important to look at things from and outside perspective. That is what I will try and do. After we had our discussion she showed me an promotion that someone tried to create within their company (in Brazil) to promote an Ipad Mini. You should have seen what it looked like before!! She told me to remake and and make it creative, so I spent most of my time doing that. See attached! In addition, one of her clients is going out of business and Lynne takes care of her Facebook Page. I was also asked to create a closing sale ad that reflected the theme of the company. The idea was also to produce these items quickly, within the time frame I was there. Thankfully both were approved and are being used! It was a busy day but I got a lot out of it.

Ipad Mini Promo DeVane closing Ad

Helwig Internship Week 6: March 17th & 19th

In the past week of my internship I have been perfecting my skills in both master control and in the studio. To start off, I have now transitioned on to learning the video board WESH uses to technical direct its broadcasts. It is a Sony board so it is hard to understand but this week I was taught the basic and how the buttons are lined up. In the next couple of weeks I will be learning it more in depth and hopefully will be able to practice with it in between news casts. The second part of my internship in master control I have been prepping a bunch of shows every day and even got to prep a movie. I have not gotten to a point where I have learned all of the times where the barter blocks are so it have become very easy to prep shows. During the evening news casts I have been also shading and bringing in microwave shots all by myself now. From time to time they have had to check up on me but they really let me handle “Video Control” by myself which is pretty awesome. It took me a couple of weeks to learn all of it and locate where the trucks are but it feels good to be trusted. Especially with shading as well, it really takes an experienced eye to understand how to shade properly and its just nice to be able to do it correctly. I will continue to work towards excellence in the weeks to come.

Week 6 Journal: Feb 22-27

Last week at my internship with Lynne, we focused heavily on my senior project. She wanted to give me time during the internship to work on it. We discussed image placement and how to connect the user back to texting and driving in each poster. The mistake that we made was conceptualizing a series of posters that relied on another poster to drive the main point home. After a lot of review, I knew I had to go back to the drawing board and refine my concept in a way that the message was clear in every single poster. I worked on designing posters that included two parts. 1) The printed version: including photos and the social aspect of texting which is then compared to 2) The version that pops up when printed version is scanned: the message displayed will leave users thinking as they go through the exhibit. The idea is that their behavior is being “nudged” by what they are experiencing or realizing through my images. Lynne and I discussed the types of fonts that would be appropriate for my posters and I decided it was best to cut my posters up so that the text placement will be well thought out and measured. I think taking the time to consider that is really important when it comes to advertising. The message needs to be simple, clear and readable while making a statement all at the same time. I hope to achieve that within my posters. I really identify with Lynne’s style as an artist and appreciate her guidance and practical approach towards mentoring me with my senior project. It will help me understand what she is looking for in the coming weeks when I have new assignments from her!