Last Day

So unfortunately, I had an unexpected financial thing come up and it makes a lot more sense for me to go home a week early instead of staying until next Friday, which means tomorrow is my last day at my internship. This is unexpected and I didn’t know it was going to happen until yesterday. Luckily my boss and colleagues are completely ok with it and understand. I’ll spend today and tomorrow finishing up my impulse responses and tying up loose ends with my living situation.

Today I started experimenting with using a Celestion Vintage 30 loudspeaker as a microphone. I reverse wired it and boosted the signal with a mic preamp and actually got some pretty interesting results. The same method is used for the Yamaha Subkick mic, which is used primarily on kick drums. The goal is to try it in different places around the room to get a thick ambient room tone, and then turn it into an IR. So far it’s worked fairly well as long as it’s blended and EQ’ed properly. Even with the Celestion fairly far away from the guitar cab it still picks up an incredible amount of bass around 90 Hz, and can sound muddy if just thrown next to another guitar track.

These Celestion IRs will probably be the last ones I’ll do depending on if we can get another amp in the studio tomorrow.

Last week

This is actually my last week interning at the Halifax Humane Society. Nothing has changed, we keep up the same activities each week. Monday is introductions, Dr. Wolfe, the in house veterinarian, explains an average cat or dog checkup, and we fill the rest of the day with activities, crafts, and games. Tuesday we play with bearded dragons, and then get a demonstration from the Daytona Beach k-9 unit. We fill the rest of Tuesday with activities, and sometimes a visit from a cat or dog. Wednesday is our field trip to the Marine Science Center in Ponce Inlet. This takes up a huge part of the day with the sea turtles, stingrays, fish, and birds. Thursday we learn about the Service dogs from My Angel with Paws. The kids love playing with the super well-trained dogs. Fridays we either get a visit from a local sheep-owner, who explains a little bit of showing livestock, or we get a visit from a local Guinea Pig shower. Friday is also Pizza and snow cone day.

Each week the activities repeat, making me a master of fun facts about a variety of animals. Alligators are not strictly carnivores, they also enjoy fruit. The dwarf shark is the smallest of the shark species. Cats can get sick from stress. Golden retrievers are usually used as service dogs because of their gentle jaw. German Shepherds are used in the K-9 unit because they form a strong bond with one person (the officer). The black tip shark is the most common species found in Ponce Inlet. The leatherback is the largest species of sea turtle. And the Atlantic Stingray is a rainbow color. It’s all very fun and interesting.

This week I had to take in my own dog to the Humane Society, because we rescued him from there being heart worm positive. Monday and Tuesday were his last two injections of heart worm treatment. It was definitely very awesome to be able to go into the infirmary with the veterinarian and visit with my dog during his days at the Humane Society.


So I have two weeks left at Harman, and I’m just as busy. I’m still working hard on impulse responses, and I currently have around 120 IRs completed of various different guitar amps that were lying around the studio here. There hasn’t really been any change since my last post, and I’m still doing the same things every day.

Honestly I’m a little disappointed that I haven’t been pushed more this summer, but that’s probably a result of how much I did this past semester. Stetson has gotten me used to being just slightly out of my comfort zone and as a result I now work well under pressure and stress. While I have learned a few things about signal routing, IRs, and some corporate product development methods, I wish I was being pushed more by my bosses and given more responsibilities. Regardless I’m still happy that I had this opportunity and experience.

Over my final two weeks I will most likely continue to create impulse responses and work with guitar amps. I hope that I get another assignment before I leave here.


This week I have continued to design more Bar/Bat Mitzvah cards. Today Anna and I will be reviewing them as I will be making some changes to make them perfect. We discussed fixing the size to fit our invitation format along with playing around with the text and colors and keeping some invitations as simple as possible. I have attached some images of what they look like now. Next week when I finish updating them I will upload the new versions 🙂




invitation w:text butterfly text cards w-text hand of god color text invitation w-text red&black invitation one owl w:text


Hard at work

For the first time this summer I feel like I have a lot of work to do, which is great. So far my bosses have been unsure of what to delegate to me, not because of what my abilities are, but because they have so many extraneous side projects they want to get done but don’t have the materials yet to do them. This has resulted in a lot of “hey Casey I’d really like to do this marketing idea with one of our products, could you look into the best way to do this and what we would need?”, so I look into it, send them a list of materials, and then wait two weeks to get them (I’m still waiting on cymbals in order to do drum recordings, which was planned a month ago). Of course there are also a lot of little projects here and there which keep me busy for the most part, but my current project has been super cool to work with and has kept me busy for the past several days.

Like I mentioned before, I’m creating impulse responses of guitar amplifiers. This has been an amazing skill to learn and I plan on using it on so many things when I get back to school. Unfortunately it has gotten a little tedious because of the repetitive nature of making so many of them at a time with different mic choices and placements. So far I have made over 50 different IRs with 5 different amps, using various mics, mic placements, and room situations. I even created an isolation chamber with materials I found around the office. They had a pile of 8’x4′ acoustic panels in a closet from their previous building, which I propped up in a rectangle against a wall with an acoustic quadratic diffuser. I put the amp inside, lined the sides of the chamber with leftover acoustic foam panels and corner pieces (more stuff that I found lying around their equipment closet) and it actually worked pretty well. I was able to get very clear IRs with zero extraneous room tone, which was the goal.



For the past week and a half I have been creating and finishing Bat/bar Mitzvah invitations. This week Anna and I will be reviewing my designs and making changes so they are perfect. I learned that research is important when it comes to designing, learning and creating. When I create my own designs when assigned a project I found it difficult to come up with just some of my own ideas. Researching helped me open my mind up to more ideas but at the same time research would limit my ideas and lead me back to things that already exist. I took the time to review a speech done by Natalie Portman. In her speech she talks much about ideas and how to run with them and that sometimes ignorance is a bliss. This short article had motivated me and had me thinking about how to be my own courageous designer.  I feel that I have grown and learned much from this internship. I am excited to take what I learned  from here and incorporate my knowledge and work  into my fall/ spring  semester projects.  I believe that everyone should keep learning everyday and capture an idea and run with it. The small projects that I have worked on here at dme has helped me to grow into a stronger designer. I have three weeks left here and I will be continuing to make my work stronger along with being assigned with one more project! Pictures will be posted as soon as my work is up to date 🙂


Museum Journal Entry #5

July 3rd || What most people and even I, as an intern, never understood was the policies and regulations that go on during museum operations. By regulations it is not maintenance duty of the equipment but the legal transaction of maintaining both the museum collection and the purpose of the museum building itself which we call collections management policies.


The management policies was made by UNESCO which stands for the United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization in 1970 at Paris. UNESCO purpose of the management policies was to prevent illegal import, export and transport of the “cultural properties” (or object/specimen collection the museum preserves). The cultural properties in the museum are easily transferable–it has to go through some legal accession and documentation, especially verification by the curators, dealers and transporters that the object/specimen it of itself will not go anywhere else (or would at least prevent a theft). The three most important provisions established by UNESCO during 1970 convention was that there should be a cultural understanding/mutual respect between nations (and/or international) conventions, the cultural property should be authorized to be exported in/and out of the museum and it is prohibited to allow outsiders transport the cultural parties.

New Projects

So I’ve finally been assigned another project that I’m very excited about. For the past week I’ve been unable to move forward with much of anything because I was lacking materials. I’ve been trying to get drum recordings and attempting to build  sound library, but there are signal routing issues in the studio and I don’t have cymbals for the kit. But, I talked to a ew people and all of those things are being purchased within the next week or so.

As for the new project, one of my bosses approached me on Monday and explained that they need impulse responses taken of guitar amplifier cabinets. DigiTech is designing a new product (I’m not allowed to talk about specifics) that will have amp modeling options, much like many of their previous pedals. But they need new impulse responses, which is what they asked me to do. I spent yesterday experimenting with Logic’s impulse response utility and a Marshall 4×12. I was able to get an IR of one of the equipment closets (which was actually super cool) and an IR of the amp head. I’m very excited for this because it means I’m playing an important part in the creation of this new product.

Another Week

The start of another week of camp began today, and I’m becoming a professional at leading camp. Each week the dynamic of the group is different, and this week we even have kids from Costa Rica, China, and Russia. Managing the kids as well as the animals is always interesting, but also always very pure. It is easy to see the connection and benefits that friendships between children and animals have. The relationships are visibly therapeutic. While learning and growing to love each day at the PAWS camp, I decided to make a new Instagram account featuring the animals we meet and play with (as well as other pets around town). The account has become a great activity to share my experiences at the Humane Society! ( The account is titled: animal_amigos just for reference)


It’s always fun handling the variety of animals such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs, and cats, but today was one of my favorite days so far. The in-shelter veterinarian requested my help in giving a heartworm injection in a female pit-bull. Being behind the scenes and helping out with some intense on-hand work was very exciting.

Tomorrow the K-9 unit officers and dogs come in as usual, and It is always interesting to see what kinds of questions the kids have for the officers. It is also incredible to see first hand the abilities of these very well trained dogs.

Fostering is an amazing gesture for families or people looking to care for animals without serious commitment. Every thursday the volunteers from My Angel With Paws come in to explain the service dogs and their trainers. Another type of short term care for a dog is training a service dog. I am considering this opportunity, and the more I learn about the amazing advantages to this volunteer program, the more likely I am to participate.

Museum Internship Entry #4

June 26th || “Art of Space is a social interaction installation that reflects society,” said Gerard Nadeau at the lecture in the Hand Art Center. In the lecture, Mr. Nadeau described both the philosophical and intellectual perspective of what the purpose of his installation was. In a way, the larger idea for Art of Space was how humans have the ability to control and manipulate space and time. “We create events out of construction. We locate in a particular place. We create community. We (as humans) know one another. (And like) art , (humans) has a role.” So, for the two weeks Gerard Nadeau was here, I took the opportunity to interact with Mr. Nadeau in his installation work and understand what his perspectives is as an artist.



For his installation, the question was: What is nature?  For Nadeau, he wanted participants to answer the question all on our own and if we asked him if our answer was right, he would say that it was up to us to decide that. Mostly, people have positive perspective of what nature was. Only a small faction of participants wrote the negative aspects of nature however; Nadeau said that they’re answer were legitimate too since Nature in a way, reflects Society (and vice versa).


Note: One of my wood slate answered, “[Like humans,] nature [also] endures [the obstacles thrown at them].”

For Mr. Nadeau, he wanted to make his installation to describe that a place is a possibility which builds the system of society; it drives the human unconsciousness question of “what is our role (in creating space, in being society)?”


As the internship nearly ends, I understand that it is not only a curator’s job to manage the records of the collection but, it is also to understand the artists passion and how the museum as a place can help build a system for the art collections we have either preserved or have borrowed from other museums/artists.