Third and fourth Weeks, Graphic Design

These past two weeks were a little bit different than the others at the studio. Even though I did the usual back ups of the websites and the updates of plug ins and versions of WordPress, I finally got to do some graphics design projects. The first one was to make a Valentine’s day banner for one of the client’s websites. This wasn’t difficult but I had some help of my supervisor. I learned to use Photoshop better and to use the pencil tool properly. I also learned that graphic design projects had to be done in no less than an hour. Then, I had to design business cards for another client and this one was particularly frustrating. The client had some specific details she wanted to add to the cards and no matter what I did, I wasn’t able to make a design that looked good. This was the first time this happened to me with a graphic design project. So I had to look for inspiration and tried several designs until until a got some that were better. I presented 4 to my supervisor and we sent one of them completely finished for the client’s approval. I believe it took me so long because I was really tired that day. So, I have been to trying to sleep more in order to perform better at the studio. And the third and last project was an anniversary logo. This one was easier and I got to be a little bit more creative because the clients had no specific petitions. Overall, I learned a lot of new things in these weeks, and I am still excited to learn more.

The Beginning of Collective

This is the first post about my experience thus far interning at Collective.  Ben and Jess are wonderful people whom I have the pleasure of working alongside.  Jess is Ben’s assistant and has given me the framework of my role at Collective.

The first thing I noticed was the tech savy nature of the workplace.  Communication is done through Gmail, Evernote, and Dropbox.   After getting acquainted with how things worked, I was given my first couple of assignments.  The first assignment I completed was a promotional poster for a Superbowl tailgate they were having.  So I went outside, took a picture of the parking lot, and brought the picture into Photoshop.

Having the knowledge of working with Photoshop really helped with this assignment.  I just threw in some effects alongside text describing the event, blurred certain parts of the image and adjusted the coloring.  After the image was made I had to make a Facebook event for the tailgate, inviting the different groups for the event.

Another task I do every week is invite people to the weekly Collective service on Facebook as well as the other events throughout the week they host.  After each service on Sunday, I pull the audio and create a podcast.  I usually compress the audio file in Logic and then upload this to the Pod Bean account they have (this is a podcast hosting service).  After the podcast is made, I make a blog post for their website through New York Ave compiling the podcast, a service summary written by the other intern, and the images corresponding to that event.

Second Week, Newsletter

This week we worked on something different than backing up websites or maintaining them. The most interesting part from this week was figuring out how build a newsletter for one of the studio’s clients. I had to copy the design from a photoshop layout and copy it to WordPress so the clients could use the layout and change its content everytime they needed to. This project taught me to be humble and just learn as much as I could from it. Even though it was frustrating to make since it was the first time, me and my supervisor were able to finish it after a lot of work. Coding was pretty frustrating but its good to learn every type of front-end developing I can.

Everyday, thanks to this internship, I have been gaining more and more experience with WordPress. However, I will try to learn more and more outside of work to learn all of its features and its potential.

And last but not least, this week’s lesson was more about organizing myself than anything else. Since I just started my other job plus this internship and my university work, I had to learn to organize my time and be able to finish everything that I need to do on time. This week I was able to so and I expect it to keep that way for as long as I can. Overall, this week was really amazing in the internship and I am excited to learn more