Final Post of Design Internship

Going into finals week, I will write this post before I start my exams. My design studio internship has been an incredible experience that has rewarded me with knowledge in graphic design, web development, web design,  managing databases, and WordPress.  I could not be more grateful with my supervisor for everything that I have learned.  I didn’t only learn a lot by working but, I also discovered my passion. I decided to specialize in UX design. By designing layouts of websites with my supervisor, I learned how to do wireframes, prototypes and flow layouts which I found incredibly interesting. Being the tech industry in the boom that it is now, UX design is becoming almost crucial component for any company that needs an application or a web service. That inspired me to contact Go Pro’s senior UX designer Jake Krajewski. After having an interview with him I decided to become a UX designer for sure. This would have never happened without this internship.

Another part for which I feel very grateful is how patient my supervisor was with me. I was able to learn so much from her thanks to her patience and teaching abilities. Outside of the internship I learned that it is better to focus only in one thing and do it right rather than do to many. Also I understood the struggle of how to manage a design studio.  By being part of this studio I saw the ambition and the tenacity of being an entrepreneur in the design world. At last but not least, I learned a lot of photoshop and illustrator techniques that I didn’t know before.

Overall I feel incredibly fortunate to have been part of this studio for a semester and I can’t wait to see what it becomes. It has been an amazing time.

Learning experiences

These past three weeks have been one of the craziest in my life. My schedule has gone from having classes only three times a week, to waking up at 8 and going to sleep until 3 in the morning every day. There were two weeks I was having three jobs at once, plus classes. It has been truly exhausting. So my performance at the studio hasn’t been the greatest. I have been having a lot more of graphic design projects which I have been ok at… However, I have improved a lot in my photoshop skills. She has taught me many shortcuts, techniques and other photoshop “secrets” that have become very useful. Also, I have been designing more web site layouts which has been very exciting. This is helping me in my UX design career path I want to focus on later on.  But no matter how much I was interested in the work I was doing, I was constantly stressed thinking on my to-do list of the day. So after finishing one of the three jobs, I decided to put priorities first and I quit my second job at the stetson marketing office. I was doing good at it, and I was learning a lot too, but it got to a point that it was too much. So, I decided put all my focus in the internship and in my classes. This was all a big learning experience for me. I learned that pushing the limits can be good sometimes; but most of the times is very unpractical.

After only having to work at the design studio I have been more relaxed and more focused on my job. I am more energetic and I am constantly learning new things. I learned this past week how to manage lighting in photoshop and how to have a good balance in a picture or graphic design project. Every day I am learning something new. Overall these have been exhausting but very exciting weeks.