Image Works Internship

This week I began my internship at Image Works in Orange City, Florida! Image Works specializes in creating vehicle graphics and all types of brand building products for local businesses in Volusia County. Going into the week I was really nervous because I did not know what to expect. I was confident that the techniques I learned from some of the digital arts courses would give me an advantage but I still felt unsure about things. When I arrived Monday, Mrs. Sherri the owner of Image Works, prepped me for the week and introduced me to her assistant Marissa. She gave me a tour of the shop which is filled with printing machines and designing tables. She also assigned me a desk next to the main printer. After being assigned a desk I was introduced to the applications that I will be using throughout the internship. In order to create the products they use a software named Corel Draw X7. Its very similar to Adobe Illustrator so I was able learn techniques really fast which made them become impressed and even more interested in me as an intern. We use Corel in order to make our banners, signs, and magnets. Another application we use is Flexi Sign. On Flexi Sign we are able to print and cut out vinyl for vehicle installations. Overall this week gave me the opportunity to begin working and building experience at Image Works. In upcoming weeks I will get in the drivers seat and begin to create branding products and design graphics for customers.


Osaka Photonics Center: Still Learning And Starting New Projects

It’s now the third week of my internship at Osaka University’s Photonics Center and I’m starting to feel at home here. We had another meeting to discuss my work and how I could best help the Photonics Center to the best of my ability. The two topics we discussed were my involvement with The Osaka Photonics initiative and also my future involvement in the revitalization of the Osaka Photonics Center’s main website. For the Osaka Photonics Initiative, we discussed the approach I should take while developing the other pages for the website. We also made a working list of some of the articles need to be created for the site. I was put in charge of creating most of these article so I’ll need to look over some information and think of a way to create easy to understand explanations for photonics concepts that can be understood by individuals in the community. We also spent a lot of time talking about the revitalization of the Osaka Photonics Center’s main website. We have a group of developers doing the backend- development for new website. I’ll be one of two developers that will be doing design work for the front-end. We still do not know when the back-end development will be completed so I will be focusing my time between writing articles for the Osaka Photonics initiative and designing the other web pages. Another task we have is the linkage of the Osaka Photonics Initiative to the Osaka Photonics Centers main homepage. We still need to decide how we are going to link the two together.


Osaka Photonics Initiative: Developing a Vision

By the end of the second week of my internship I think I’ve started to get a little used to being in Japan. The previously bizarre customs and formalities due to the cultural shock of being in japan have started to become more familiar occurrences for me. My uptake of the language has also been going great. I’ve learned so much in the time  since my arrival because very few people speak English. This week, I continued doing work on the Osaka Photonics Initiative. This week was crucial for the entire movement because we need to figure out exactly what we hope to accomplish with the initiative so we can focus our efforts. After a few meetings and discussions, we decided that the movement would focus on Teachers, Students, Community and Industry. As a resource for teachers it would give them the tools to teach photonics in their classroom and inform them on the importance of photonics. As a resource for students, we want it to teach them about the growing field of photonics and give them the opportunity to get involved through photonic projects, events or OSA/SPIE student chapters. As a resource for community, we want to let government and citizens now about what photonics is and how it is both ecofriendly and creating a lot of jobs. As a resource for Industry, we hope to educate companies that using photonics is a great idea because it is a cheap and ecofriendly alternative to a lot of more harmful sciences. These ideas have become the foundation for the project.

I used my experience in Illustrator and Photoshop in order to develop some possible logos for the movement but in the end we decided that we were just going to use the school’s crest because we decided that we wanted the school to benefit from the traffic that will frequent the website. I began creating the template for the website. The template included the navigation bar, the body, the head banner and the site map at the bottom. I created the template by utilizing my knowledge of Bootstrap’s grid system. Bootstrap was my tool of choice for the project because it is extremely modern and compatible with mobile devices. In order to make the web page even more robust and professional, I spent a lot of time learning and implementing media queries that will detect the screen size and then show exclusive content for different devices. After I finished the initial version of the template, I had to spend a lot of time on bug fixes and small adjustments to padding and margins. Once the first version of the template was done I meet with my supervisors to go over the template and changes. After receiving feedback, I went ahead and made the necessary changes. Once a finalized version of the template was created, I started the development of the homepage. I wanted the home page to be great for a few reasons. The first one is that the homepage is page that will receive the highest amount of traffic. The second part is the homepage is the most important page for user retention. If the homepage is strong the user will stay and if it’s weak the user is more likely to leave. I decided to go with a block design where each block is a featured article. I thought this design would be hip and cool because the HD images would make the site look futuristic and high end. In order to implement the block system I had to spend a lot of time learning and working with Image manipulation. I got a good version of the homepage working but it still needs some more time to be prepared for launch.

Homepage_Screenshot MobileSite

The Beginning of The Osaka Photonics Initiative

This was the first week of my internship at Osaka University’s Photonics Center. I flew into Tokyo on Monday around 3 and I made it to Osaka around midnight.  I got to experience sunlight for 48 hours during my travel to Osaka as a result of how time zones and the sun’s rotation work. Once I arrived at my housing, went to bed because I was exhausted from the trip. The next day was the first day of my internship. I was told to arrive for my first day at around 10:30. When I arrived, everyone at the office was having their weekly tea time which they have every Tuesday at 10:30. I had the opportunity to talk to everyone at the center and I also had the opportunity to try a lot of different Japanese snacks. During my first day on the job, I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of the staff and students and learn about their involvement at Osaka University and the surrounding community. Notably I was interested by their yearly program called “child science super light school” where they teach children grades 4-6th about light and photonics through hands on projects. For the remainder of Monday, I was asked to help out with some graphics design work and a meeting was arranged for Tuesday to discuss the project that they planned for me to lead during my time here. On Tuesday I learned that the project I would be leading is The Osaka Photonics Initiative; A project that will enable members of the community to learn about photonics and how it is used in everyday life. It will also give teachers the resources to easily teach photonics concepts to their students through hands on learning projects. To start the process of creating this online resource, there was an initial interview where we discussed the vision and objectives for the initiative. Once the meeting was finished I took the list of objectives and designed a few mock site with these ideas in mind. They included PDF layouts, color schemes and page organization documents. Once these were created, I had another meeting with my supervisors where we decided on which format we wanted to move forward with. After we decided on one I went ahead and started to create the homepage for the website using BootStrap, CSS, HTML and Dreamweaver. My first week was extremely busy but I was able to accomplish a lot.