ImageWorks Week 4

I can truly say that I feel experienced now. I have worked with numerous of customers and businesses all over Orange City. Working here at Image Works has helped me gain tons of experience from networking. Meeting clients face to face allows a relationship to be established that will ensure business in the future. This week I completed my first job without any help at all. The client wanted to detail his car with his transportation service logo and contact information. I quickly created a proof for him to look over before the install and he was really impressed. I prepped all artwork on Corel Draw X7 then transported the file into Flexi Sign to prepare to print. He recently painted the car black so I knew he wanted a design that would stand out. I decided to use white vinyl because I knew that it would best fit the overall theme and professional look of his service. After seeing the car he was so impressed that he brought another one of his service vehicles so that I could apply the same design. He also told my boss that since I  worked so fast he would allow me to put Image Works advertisements on his back windows. We immediately took advantage of this opportunity and applied our logo and number. My boss was very proud of me and told me that I if I keep this up I could be working my way into a permanent position throughout the upcoming semesters. Overall I hope I can keep this productive mentality throughout the rest of the internship.

Image works Promotion









ImageWorks Week 3

This week I did my first installation onto a vehicle. Before this, I had not done it so this was definitely an experience. I had to learn how to properly measure and line things up on the vehicle as well as properly applying them. This touched on the ideas we had sort of talked about and did in our graphic design class where we worked with a 3d model instead of paper. It’s nice to see how things are done on a larger scale instead of on paper, online or even on television. The experience taught me something in it of itself that there is no such thing as a half job when doing something for a customer. I know now that there are certain standards that people expect of others even if they do not work there full time they are supposed to set the standards for the company. I think with my hard work I can and have made a better improvement on how others view ImageWorks by my quality and speed of what I do.

Another thing I learned this week is about proper time management and knowing your deadlines. When a customer wants something done by a certain day you should be able to produce to them the final product. It’s sort of like working in the classroom but the difference I think is that along the way, you and the customer talk and there are changes that might be made as you are making progress on the product and art. You have to learn how to work fast and get things done in a timely manner especially if a customer comes in on a Monday and wants his product by Wednesday. I have improved on the speed of my art and the quality of what I can do.

First Day At ITProTV

Yesterday was my first day at my internship with ITProTV and it also happened to be my first day back in America from studying abroad in Norway. Everyone at the office was very welcoming upon my arrival which made for a great first day back in Florida! The day started out with an 8:30am meeting with everyone in a circle which they do every morning before they start the day. I really like this aspect of the internship so far because while in the circle everyone in the office has to talk about the successes they have had the day before and what they are looking forward to in the day; it is a very positive beginning to a work day. After the meeting I was shown around the office and shown the blueprints of the new office building they will be moving into at the end of the summer by my supervisor. They have two studio set ups at the moment, a large one and a smaller one (there will be five different studios in the new building) and a couple different spaces for developers, editors, etc. After my supervisor showed me around the office we started getting into exactly what I will be doing soon enough, once I get the hang of things. I shadowed two people who worked with editing shows and who worked at the switchboard during live shows. They went into 90% of what I needed to learn throughout the day (I need to do some shadowing when they are editing next), which was quite helpful because now I am confident I will get used to everything much faster. I learned about how to set up the studios, how to use the switchboard, how to change settings on it, how to take notes while recording a show, how to work with the audio, and what to do when a host during a show or yourself makes a mistake during the recording. Everyone in the office is clearly a passionate hard worker and I love being around people who enjoy what they do while doing it the best way they can. A fun fact about the office when there is downtime (such as when a video is rendering or when there is nothing to do in between shows) they have a Pac Man machine and a freezer full of popsicles to keep up morale. One negative about my first day, however, was that no one went over logistics of clocking in/out, who I speak to if I get sick and need to take a day off, or exactly when the work day is over; I plan on bringing this up on Monday so that I can be clear on the matter. Given all that, I think I am going to have a great summer working with ITProTV!

Osaka Photonics Center: Optimization and Documentation

Today marks the end of the 7th week of my internship. This week I’ve had a pretty light work load because most of my tasks have already been completed. I spent a lot of the week in meetings to discuss final modifications to the Osaka Photonics Initiative and Core to Core Websites. I also spent a lot of time finishing the documentation for both websites. Both websites will be updated over the next 5 years so I need to leave behind sufficient documentation to explain how to do that. I am also helping to create resources for both sites during the remainder of my stay. This includes writing articles and video recording and editing I will be doing for interviews next week. The projects I am working on still have a lot of behind the scenes polishing work that needs to be done. Towards the end of the week we uploaded both projects to the center’s server. I’ll be spending time optimizing the website for different devices in order to speed up load time and control the content that is displayed. This includes selectively showing different resolution images, content, font size and padding. I’m am feeling pretty confident going into my last week. I think I will be able to be able to get to a good stopping point by the time I finish my internship. This internship is turning out to be a great experience for me. I have been able to network with many individuals in the Science Industry and get a lot of experience in the field.

ImageWorks Week 2

My second week at ImageWorks was yet again eventful and educational. As I headed into the second week I learned more information on how to install things onto different materials and how to better my knowledge on the types of paper. This was definitely cool to see how the different types of paper effected different products. Since I know now how to use both of the printers here at the shop, If I am ever needed to print or assemble something, I have a basic idea of how to do it.

This week I have been still helping make the book for one of the customers. I have had to learn patience and accept that change will come as the book is being made. I am learning how to use new software like create space which is known for publishing items including books, music and other items. I have also been working on window panels for a frozen yogurt company. With the items I have been making recently, I have learned how to adjust sizes of an item onto the canvas like what I have needed to do in my graphic design class. Since the Graphic Design class taught me how to adjust I learned how to use that properly here at the job plus I’m learning how to print on new materials.

ImageWorks so far has taught me how to better work with customers and how to properly adjust to their needs. This is important because in the workplace you have teach yourself how to work with the needs of others. I’m still very excited about working here at ImageWorks because I learn something new every day.

Osaka Photonics Center: Sprints and Reflection

This is my 6th week at Osaka Photonics Center and at what I think is the difficult part of the Internship. I have a lot of projects lined up and I need them all to be complete by the time I leave. This high amount of work and stress I think is helping me to work faster and gain a lot of experience in a short amount of time. I have tackled these projects by arranging my tasks into sprints. A sprint is a list of tasks that I plan on completing in one or two days. Once I finish with the sprint, I have a meeting with my supervisor to discuss so if the objectives of the sprint were completed to satisfaction. If changes needed to be made I made changes but if everything was acceptable I would move on to the next sprint. With this method I was able to complete a lot of the functionality of both Core 2 Core and Osaka Photonics Initiative in this past week. Moving into the final two weeks of my internship, I really need to focus on getting content from my co-workers. I also need to set some time aside to create the registration form for the Core 2 Core conference. I’ve really enjoyed my time at the Osaka Photonics Center. It has been really exciting to see my work come to life and enable communities. I am really surprised with the quality of work I was able to make. When I come back to the United States, I want to revisit some of my older web projects and improve them.

Osaka Photonics Initiative Sitemap

ImageWorks Week 1

I have just finished my first week at ImageWorks and I have definitely learned a lot. On my first day I got my first assignment and my first client to make a wedding banner for her company. She provided me with the photos and colors she wanted to be used in the banner. Needless to say when she came in she was impressed by my work. It was neat to see my design on a giant banner instead of on a screen like what I did for most of my Digital Art classes.

I have gotten to use my skills of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign this week. This week I learned how to make a book on InDesign and how to actually use the program. Before this I had the basic knowledge of InDesign and did not know how to properly use it. This furthered knowledge I had learned from a previous internship where I used InDesign to make Fliers and brochures. Richard Carter, the client came in to see the book and had me make a few changes but overall was impressed and next week we will be printing the book for him so he can have a tangible copy.

Outside of working on the computer and doing projects with Marissa, I have learned the basic knowledge of how to use the laminator, the actual printer and another printer which does stickers for cars and signs. This was definitely fascinating because when I took the graphic design course at Stetson, we learned some of the same things. I was interested learning how to install things onto vehicles and how to properly apply signs onto its rightful poster boards.

I think I will be enjoying my internship here because I find everything fascinating and I am definitely ready to learn new things. Ms. Sherri said that I had all the qualities she was looking for in starting this internship. Next week I hope to further my knowledge about how to print and how to use the printers with the different types of paper.allthatglitz poster

ImageWorks Week 3

IMG_2383 IMG_3113

Going into the forth week of this internship I have really gained confidence. I am beginning to understand the business side of things at ImageWorks. I am a main factor in the production side of business. Marissa, the graphic designer, is constantly making designs while I put together final products for customers. This includes banners, yard signs, promotional magnets, and vehicle graphics. Since I have been interning, sales went up 5%. This is because the owner is able to leave the shop to network and build our client base. Every Thursday and Friday she is completely out of the shop and Marissa and I handle the daily functions at ImageWorks. Lately, our client base has been Volusia County sheriffs preparing for elections. We have received many positive reviews from the sheriffs because of our high quality work.

I installed vinyl on a woman’s storefront earlier this week. The store sells candles, aromas, oils, and vintage furniture.  It was hot and challenging to apply the vinyl but felt rewarding when it was completed . I also installed window perf on a van. It was a promotional piece that had to be installed within a thirty minute time frame. We eyeballed and centered the window perf and measured it on each side. We then cut the excess window perf off and ensured there was no bubbles. The photos are posted above.

To conclude, last week went really good. I am looking forward to learning a lot as this internship progresses. Today I was notified that I will have to complete a big project and create a logo for a company. Im really looking forward to putting my skills towards making something creative for them.


Osaka Photonics Center: Creating the Draft Core2Core Website

This was the 5th week of my internship.  I decided to prioritize my tasks based on their deadlines. My article for the newsletter and the draft of the Core2Core website need to be complete by the end of my 6th week and the Core2Core Website and Osaka Photonics Initiative website need to be finished with documentation by the end of my 8th week. I spent all of my 5th week working on the draft of the Core2Core website. When I began the draft of the Core2Core website I was only given the content and very little direction on what to do for a design. I wanted to make a homepage that was able to catch the attention of users who visited it by effectively conveying how interesting the importance and size of the event. My experience from owning a business and my minor in Entrepreneurship really helped me to create a effective marketing strategy. I decided to create sections on the homepage that contain interesting facts about the program. These attention grabbers then prompt the user to access other sections of the website. The design for the website were pretty straight forward. Because I am creating a website that is representing the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, I had to follow extremely strict guidelines so I don’t harm their brand. I ended up getting the approval to modify the logo for the program so I hope I did a satisfactory job. I made a lot of progress on the draft this week. I plan on splitting my time next week between writing my article for the newsletter and finalizing a draft of the Core2Core Website. The 7th and 8th week will be used for documenting and creating content for both Core2Core and Osaka Photonics Initiative.

screencapture-file-C-Users-aaron-Desktop-Core2Core-index-html-1465803096922    screencapture-file-C-Users-aaron-Desktop-Core2Core-index-html-1465793739609

ImageWorks Week 2

I am currently heading into my third week of the Image Works internship. I have been working hands on and building experience at the shop. Assisting with installing vehicle graphics has helped me gain confidence and realize that some of these tasks are not so difficult.  We typically only use three different types of printing material. Banner, Vinyl, and Perforated Window Vinyl can be used to create most of the products we have to offer.

Last week, I was assigned my first independent project. I have to create a book cover for a war veteran. The book title is “Birds in Flight,” a book of photography work. I feel lucky to have received this opportunity so early in the internship. I have already almost finished it, I’m creating the book layout in the Adobe Cloud InDesign application. He has already chosen a color scheme. After I came up with a proof, he came in to approve it. This week I am moving forward from there.

In the picture below, we are applying a perforated window vinyl to a pickup truck. It has to be done really carefully in order to avoid bubbles or creases. If it is implied improperly, it has to be reprinted and reinstalled (which rarely happens). As the length of piece was so long, it required two people to properly apply it.

The internship is going great so far, I am learning more everyday. I hope to take on more projects as the summer progresses. My boss and coworkers seem to be very please with my work thus far.