ITProTV Intern’s Daily Steps

Every morning I wake up at 6:30am to be at ITProTV by 8:00am. We are all given these funny T-shirts designed by the creative director and we all tend to wear those as a pseudo-uniform but other than that our office is very casual. The creative director takes famous logos and changes them to say ITProTV instead, one in particular looks like the title font for Back to the Future. Once I get to the office it is my job to set up both studios. Setting up the studios involves turning on all the lights, cameras, recording equipment, the live stream, and once the hosts arrive I need to adjust the lights and cameras to be right with their heights, where they stand, etc. At 8:30am, as I have mentioned before, we have a meeting in our biggest studio and go around the circle discussing what each person has accomplished and what they plan to acc13621583_1268701286474081_67512622_oomplish in the day. Everyday during the meeting the founders have some news about the companies over all accomplishments or the progress with the new building and I am always amazed. For instance, on Monday I found out that Harvard University is a customer of ours and just made a large purchase for content; what an amazing feat! After our meeting I usually play Pac Man just until the hosts are ready to start their first shows. Once we get started at around 9:30am, I sit at the control desk/switchboard where I can see all camera angles, start recording, and fix the audio (this area is pictured below). I then double check all t13579958_1268701236474086_250600269_ohe camera settings, check the lighting depending on the darkness or brightness of a host’s shirt that day. I sit at the desk and I am able to talk to them through the soundboard where I say things like “what’s the title?” “are we ready to start?” or “okay, standby!” they often times make me laugh with their responses. For the next 30 minutes I switch back and forth between whomever is talking and their computer screen; you need to pay attention closely in order to make it as easy as possible for the editors once they get the footage. While taping I take notes on what the titles are, and what might need to be fixed in post. By noon we break for lunch but before I get lunch I need to convert all of the footage from the morning to the right format for editing in Premiere Pro CC, I do that through an app called Handbrake. We all get an hour for lunch and then we are back by 1:00pm. The last week and a half my supervisor has been having me edit small things like fixing older videos to by replacing the old logo with the new logo. Also, I recently got to edit bigger content because one of the editors was away. I am happy to do any of the editing I get there. Editing has been one of my favorite aspects of video since I started at Stetson. The second half of the day is exactly the same as the first half except after we are done with shows I have to shut everything down instead of turning it on. The end of the work day for me is typically 4:00pm or 4:30pm. (Below I have placed pictures of the studio I usually work with, Studio 1)   Studio 1 13632716_1268701233140753_88134933_o

Final Presentation and Courtesy Hold

Besides doing the weekly reports, I have been taking part in other projects.

The first one was doing a quality assurance report for the newly launched Courtesy Hold emails. Courtesy hold is when a user goes through the booking engine and instead of paying for the cruise, he holds the reservation. Depending on the cruise, the hold can last either 48, 24, 12, 8 or 2 hrs. My job was to create different users, make different courtesy holds and receive the 5 personalized emails stating how many hours I had left until the hold expired. The order of the emails enter as the following: email confirmation (5 min after hold), email remainder (12 hrs left), email reminder (2 hrs left), hold extension (1 hr left), and the expiration email. I had to create 5 email accounts, reserve multiple cruises and write down all of my findings. This wasn’t a hard project, but just tedious. Since I wasn’t getting all of the emails, the campaign will not launch until next week even though it was due last week.

The other project, which has a high priority, is to present a personalization program update to the VP of marketing of CCL. Besides being very important, is also scary since I’m the only intern that has ever presented to her. However, I’m getting help from my supervisor and co-workers to make it perfect. In this presentation I will show her all the projects the whole personalization team has been working on, including the status of each one, their objective, and their performance. It’s not a hard presentation to make, however, it has to have the right balance between being detailed and being straight forward. Currently, this is the project I have been working on. I will present the update to the Director of E-Commerce next week, and the to the VP in the beginning of August.

Weekly Reports

After being project manager of the last two projects, my supervisor assigned me to send her weekly reports about the number of users getting bucketed in re-marketing audiences and another report about cross device stitching. The two reports are to keep her updated on user data for future campaigns.

The cross device stitching campaign is in its early days. So for now,  we are just capturing data and analyzing trends to see how many users use certain amount of devices. The set up works like the following: first, we check how many users only use one device, then how many use two devices, and how many user 3+ devices. After knowing which users are most likely to use 2 to more devices, we analyze their behavior. We had to understand which devices they used for certain actions in the website. For example, we found out that most people use the mobile website to search for cruises, and book it in the desktop environment. After another month of capturing more data, we will be able to start implementing this campaign in the website and start unifying the website’s experience across devices.

The destination audience tracking report is a bit different but has the same end result. This report is to analyze which destinations are more popular for certain types of the year and how many users are eligible for destination re-marketing. This is basically to understand seasonal trends and users that are most likely to book when searching for a certain destination. This way we can re target a more select group of users more efficiently.

To set up this data, we use tags in the website and capture them in a “Real Time Action Engine” called audience stream. This tool catches the data and shows us graphs that are easy to analyze and understand.

These weekly reports have to be as concise and clear as possible since they are sent directly to my supervisor. I learned how to information effectively after a lot of feedback from my supervisor. In the following weeks, I started doing two more projects which I will explain in the next post.

Second Week at Carnival Cruise Line

After learning the programs to start re targeting users, my supervisor made me project manager to launch the same re marketing campaign for mobile. For this, I had to implement rules to set up audiences for the campaign, edit CMS content, and edit HTML and CSS to show the dynamic content on top of the images. After having the code, the creatives, and the logic behind the project set up, our mobile provider launched a buggy API for mobile search. This made my project delay until mid-August. However, I will still be able to launch the project then.

After that project, my supervisor put me in charge of a tag audit for 4 pages of the website. This was a high priority project since it came from the VP of marketing. They were going to launch a new campaign that would recommend users cruises based on past searches. So, the tag audit consisted of making sure every button and page was tagged so we could use that data to track user behavior and trigger actions within the page. This project has been the most extensive to date. I took me a week to finish and I had to record every single action and write down my findings. Part of the reasons it took me son long was because I had to learn to use a new tool that let me see the tags of each page. After fixing some errors in my report and a lot of feedback from my supervisor, I was able to present the project to the Director of E-commerce. The presentation was a success and they have assembled a new team to fix the errors that I had found in the website. I felt pretty proud haha.

After this, my supervisor assigned me with four more projects since then that I will discuss in the next posts.

Balancing work and school.

The main office floors were cleaned this week, so I spent most of my week working with Ericka and coming up with plans for the outside of the school.   There are brick pillars that she has requested me to paint with inspirational words, such as: believe, achieve, hope, etc.  I’ve decided to keep this simple and just have an eclectic style font in black and white, with a color background.  We have also decided to have it facing on both sides of the pillar so no matter which side you are walking on you will see the words.  I cant wait to see how that looks.  Today I spent my morning working on the mural again.  I am quite uneasy today about how its coming along.  I find myself jumping around on ideas but know that I just need to stay focused and just keep painting.   Next week I would like to have the mural finished so I can start and finish our other projects we have set up.  I am excited for the end result but have to remember to enjoy the ride and make the best out of what I can.  This weekend I plan on sketching ideas that maybe can work for the mural or just let it be, we will see by Monday.  On a personal note, I am tired.  Between my full time job and this, I return home exhausted.  But I am grateful.

ImageWorks Week 10

My final week at ImageWorks has already began with a very cool start. This morning upon arriving at work I noticed something out of the ordinary in the shop. There was a huge backdrop labeled with designs for Sheriff Dave Brannon of Volusia County in the center of the building. There was also a lot of camera lighting equiptment along with a broadcast television camera mounted on a tripod.  They were filming a commercial in support of Dave Brannon in the upcoming sheriff elections. Dave Brannon is a frequent customer of ImageWorks. Last week, we made him around 150 yard signs and a banner for his campaign. It was a good experience to be able to assist him in reaching out to the community throughout this election process. Since I also have a passion for videography, it was great to experience other professionals working in a field that I consider fascinating. I spoke with one of the videographers and they informed me that I should contact Jeff Taylor from Stetson because he could possibly have some employment opportunities that could help me learn even more about videography. After giving the videographer my business card he insisted that me and my coworkers get in the commercial as well. Our part of the commercial was to all together say, “I support Dave Brannon!” While its not a big line, it is still a great start of networking in the world of videography and I really appreciated it. The commercial airs on Bright House on July 30th and August 30th.

This morning after we finished the commercial in the shop, I prepped a install for a local construction company. The client wanted his logo and contact information installed on his truck to increase his advertisement in Orange City. I installed the vinyl without any help and the results looked really nice.

I am really optimistic about the rest of the week at ImageWorks. I can truly say that I have enjoyed my time working and interning for them. I would encourage any other student from Stetson thats interested in Graphic Design to apply here as well.



My Second Post that was not seen on here


What a busy week I have had thus far, and it’s only Wednesday!  I am quite proud of myself for balancing a full time job and then putting in my hours for Starke Elementary. I have started the mural in the main office this week.  I decided to keep the outside of it simple with its organic forms, almost Matisse-an, adding the koalas in as well (their mascot.)  In the center, I will fill in the circle with their school name, motto and other imagery that symbolizes the school.  I have met the art teacher of the school.  Her and I have been working together to liven up the main office.  What I found super interesting is the working environment.  As an artist, I am used to being in my own space; with myself and music and getting dirty with the paint.  Here I have an audience to work with.  The ladies who work at the office have given me much support along the way, but the feeling of having people behind you, potentially watching is still foreign.  Since it is summer school, there are the occasional kids who come in with their parents or by themselves.   I made a point to ask what they thought and get feedback as much as I can.  Today there was a little boy who sat next to me while waiting.  He watched and asked questions, such as “Why are you doing this?”  ” Are you an artist?”  I really enjoy the fact that I have been given such an opportunity to give back to the kids and their school.  Tomorrow I work opening shift at my work, and then from their I go straight to the school.  Long day ahead of me.  But it has taught to be more balanced and organize the time I have.  I will for sure pack my lunch tomorrow and get a good night’s sleep.

I finally got this.

So this was my first blog from July 7th.  Unfortunately I was not using the right page and was just writing directly on wordpress. 


This is my first time “blogging.”  I am new to this, and find it quite awkward but will move along and continue.

I have been honored an internship role through Stetson and now proudly hold the responsibilities of creating murals for an Elementary School in Deland, called Edith 1 Starke Elementary.  I have been in contact with the teacher who organized this and have met her several times as well.  Her name is Ericka, and she is a people person which I like a lot.  When first seeing the school, I was kind of shocked at how bland and drab the school’s buildings are and have been.  The main office is just sterile and white, and the outside is just brick.  As an artist who usually works with a bright pallet, I was personally offended by the lack of color.  Ericka has provided me a list of ideas, and sayings and locations, etc.  They have given me artistic freedom but with the list, I do feel a little constrained in what I should.  My initial sketches were inspired by Matisse’s later cut out works: shapes, repetition and bright color but now that there is some criteria I should meet: symbols, school mascot, etc.  I have some tweaking to do on my sketches over the weekend.  I am quite confident in what I am going to do for this school and know it will turn out great.  Ericka and I have gone supply shopping already and this Monday I start in the main office.  Now, in the main office, I want that mural to be the main piece and have the rest of the pieces I do around the school reflect from that mural, as if the pieces are all part of a set.


I will start updating my posts with pictures and plan on writing another post after my day at school Monday.

ImageWorks Week 9

I had the opportunity to work with Athens Theatre in DeLand. Athens is one of the last classic theaters in central Florida. Opening night was in 1922 when the DeLand Daily News named it DeLand’s Handsomest Theatre. In 2016, they are still producing plays and shows. Our job was to make the advertisements for their new play, Spamalot. It is based on the film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The original Broadway show won three Tonys including Best Musical, and the original album won the 2006 Grammy for Best Musical Show Album. Spamalot is being advertised all over DeLand and surrounding cities through different forms of media.

 We created the yard signs for their advertisements of the play using vinyl and coroplast. We printed 50 of them double sided. Majority of the signs are posted along the side walks of Woodland blvd in downtown DeLand.

We also designed the backdrop for the play. It was 30×36 feet long and consisted of 3 different images put together on banner. We used the Roland Printer to ensure that the images were large enough for the whole crowd to see. We had to print overnight because high quality prints usually requires a long amount of time. I taped it to the take up roll and when we came in the next morning it was complete and ready to be hemmed. The hemming process is adding doubled sided tape to the edges of the banner so that the border of the vinyl would not be visible.

I feel really good about having the opportunity to help the Athens theatre promote this historical play. Hopefully I will have the chance to see it.

imageimage image image image

ImageWorks Week 8

This week I was able to work on a project that I was truly passionate about. My objective was to print and cut out all of the decals for the Mantanzas High School football team. I have played the sport of football since I was about 10 years old. Having the opportunity to give back and help a football team in any way has always been a big goal for me.  I know that my internship at ImageWorks isn’t technically helping me give back to their team but preparing their decals for their upcoming season is certainly a start.

The Mantanzas Pirates are located in North Palm Coast, Florida. After Marissa was approved of a really cool of pirate flag design she created, I was obstructed to print, laminate, and cut out each decal for their program. Since the decals would be installed on each side of the player’s helmets, we needed to print out flags that faced right and left. We also created decals that were labeled “All In” for all of the player’s parents to put on their cars. After printing all the decals on vinyl I began to prep them for lamination. The laminate will help protect the design and give it a glossy coat which will make it look clean and professional.

When the lamination was completed, I had to line up the crop marks and insert them back into the Roland printer for cutting. The printer would only trim along the edges of each design, so I had to remove the excess vinyl so that the decals were finished and prepared to be installed. All 225 decals came out perfect and I felt really satisfied with my contribution to their program. Working on this project helped me realize that the skills I’m learning from courses at Stetson and this internship could help me pursue a lot of my goals in life and I shouldn’t take any of this for granted.