Colby Johnson Audio Internship

This week I had a chance to work with proclaimed noise artist Mikey Holmes, this was a very fun experience as it allowed me to work with a well-known artist and get great feedback from someone with more experience than I. I also got to work together in a group with other electronic music artists within the digital arts program. We were able to bounce ideas off of each other and form new relationships amongst ourselves. I also planned along with other students on projects we could work on together for the future, discussing how our various styles could work together. After the practice session we had in preparation for our performance, I had to get ready to actually perform. Dr. Pras asked me to create a list of all the cables we had in the studio so she knew what was available for the show. After doing so I emailed her the list and began preparing for the upcoming performance. This week I also had another meeting with a student from Dr. Pras class. This time we discussed creative ideas to move his project forward. His song featured the use of a low cello type arpeggio, and he asked me how to go about replacing it. After listening to the song I explained to him that I think it would be best for the strings to stay, as they worked really well within the context of the mix. Instead, I offered him some assistance to layering another instrument with the strings to give it more of a body. I created a bass patch for him in just a couple of minutes, and it really brought the strings to life. I also showed him a trick Dr. Pras showed me previously in the year. It works by taking an original signal and sending it to two separate tracks, panning one hard left and the other hard right and then delaying one of the channels by 8-10 milliseconds. The effect creates a very large and wide sounding instrument and keeps the stereo field from becoming too stale.