Back behind the Camera


On Monday January 23rd at 7:00pm during the Stetson Women’s basketball game where the Hatters vs NJIT. Jeffrey Taylor decided to put me back on the same camera and continue what I did during last Saturday’s game after doing a good job last week. I enjoyed following whoever had the ball in their hands and keeping up with the referees that made calls on the opposite teams. I learned when the game goes into commercial it is important for me to move the camera around to find something interesting before the game comes back on. Even though I was happy to be back behind the same camera for the Women’s basketball game, I wished that I could have used the bird’s eye view camera where it follows whoever has the ball so that I can get more experience behind a different camera and its responsibility during the game. One of the things I need to work on is move the camera closer to the side of the basketball court in front of me so that I can zoom on one of the players getting ready to do a free shot Also, one of the employees showed me how to take the camera apart starting from the top by turning the locks that holds it together and then nicely removing it off the quick release plate. After that the moving stand that holds the camera had to be taken apart and placed in the case as well.






Andrew Adams’s Finally using the Camera during Game Time

On January 21st at 1:00pm during the Women’s basket ball and Men’s basketball game at 7:00pm,  Jeffrey Taylor  finally assigned me to use one of the video cameras near the floor for the second half of the games.  I was moving the camera left, right, and up to follow whoever had the ball and that tried to shoot it int the basket. I had to aim the camera at the referee that blow his or her whistle for making a call. I had to point the camera at the opposite team that made shots in the basket because they were coming towards me from a distance. Whenever the players were going to make a foul shot I had to immediately move over to the one that was about to shoot the ball, but I had to keep him or her in a complete whole frame before the red light came on. Also, whenever the players moved away from me I had to zoom in a little to get the other basketball court farther away while keeping the scoreboard in the same frame. Even though I did a good job at using the camera instead of always watching someone else perform it, I wished that I could have used the camera for both half times instead of waiting until the second half for my turn because I would have been more use to using it than right now.

Andrew Adams and his New Internship position

On Thursday night January 19th 6:50pm at the Men’s Basketball game where the Hatters vs NJIT, Jeffrey Taylor assigned me to site near the Time out coordinator during the whole game to watch how he performs his job before and during the game. I thought it was a good experience because I got to understand the position of controlling the game with the cameras, and monitor. The Time out coordinator is responsible for when the game starts, and to communicate with the crew in the trailer to playback videos for the referee to see, and keep up with the amount of time out on the game board.  Also, the game can’t begin unless the Time coordinator sites down but when he or she is standing up then the game cannot begin. I was also told to keep track of how many time outs are called and to write them down. However, I wished that I could have heard everything the coordinator was trying to tell me during the game, but it was too loud. Also, after the referee turned the monitor in order to see a playback during the game, I wished that I could have seen what was pointed out on the screen and heard what he and the coordinator was talking about.