Possible Application

This week, because there were not that many things to write about I researched ways for auto posting from WordPress to other platforms. I looked into Nextscripts,  read about it, and looked into what the customers thought. It seems to be great, it is a multichannel poster that auto-posts WordPress posts to all connected social media platforms. With the free version, you can add 1 Facebook, 1 Twitter, 1 LinkedIn, etc. The pro version allows for multiple accounts on each site,

I looked at the bad reviews first, specifically the ones with one stars. Overall, there wasn’t much information. They said things like: “no working repost feature,” “worst customer service ever,” “must pay for multisite.” All of which don’t seem so bad. Apparently the paid version is totally useless, unless you have 15 Facebook accounts you want it to share to.  Since we are only going to use it for the one Creative Arts twitter page, it should be totally fine.

However, almost 65% of the reviews were 5 stars. So I think that says something. 260 reviews with 5 stars amazingly still have hardly any information, but they seem to think it works fine. Reading through it, it would definitely be worth setting up. (Just don’t pay for it). With this we should be able to autopost with no problems to the twitter page.

The Website is Progressing!

The website is starting to look like someone actually uses it! Which is great. After posting Jasmine Ramos’s bio and answers, Laura sent out an email informing people that she had been featured. Since then two more people have asked to be featured: Laine Callahan and Mitchel Robey. They have been put in the queue and will be posted two weeks from each other. I’m hoping that when more people start to do it their friends will also want to. Each of the writing styles is very different, so it’s going to be cool to see different personalities within the Creative Arts Department.

I’m still having issues with the little snippet that shows up above their picture on the main page. There is no section in my dashboard for adding in a segment, so I’m going to have to figure something else out or else Dr. Wolek will go back in every time something is published and change it himself. I will bring that up on Thursday in our meeting.

Professor McCoy’s  Rhinoceros post was also up already last week, however it didn’t go up in featured events. I changed that last Friday and scheduled it to reappear in the featured events. It came up yesterday, also with a higher SEO ranking as I added in some meta descriptions and the like. Everything is looking good, and it’s not taking up too much time so it’s going great!


Andrew Adams’s Big post

Today at 1:00pm February 11th at the women’s basketball game, Jeffrey Taylor assigned me to audio assistant. I learned what a pre recording and a live recording game works. Prerecording is to do a test run, which means the replay 2 and then the microphones from the commentary. However, if it’s a live game than the microphones come on and the ambient sound. The records have to be on before the game starts and then stoped when the game ends. Also, the black storm is to adjust the sound.One of the things I wish that I could have did was turn on both the microphones and ambient when the camera was on the commentary.

At  4:00pm after the women’s basketball game ended I was assigned back to the floor camera near the basketball court for the men’s basketball game. I kept using the camera to zoom and move the camera to any of the basketball players about to take a free shot, or on references that make a call. I moved the camera into the crowds  or on the score board during commercial break. The bubble level on the camera is to make sure the frames stay even in place instead of being crocked. However, one of the things I need to work on is zooming the camera more into the basketball players that scored a basket.



First Weeks at Collective

I am currently working with Collective Church in downtown DeLand as their Digital Media intern, and started the internship during the last week of January. I’m fairly glad to already be getting into a decent amount of design work related to marketing Collective Church’s event, Sunday Soul Brunch. I was put in charge of designing their sponsorship packet that would include details on the event as well as options for different tiers of sponsorship. It was pretty challenging as far as getting down a sort of template for each page for consistency throughout the design of the packet, and it took more than one try to get the entire thing to look at least satisfactory. If anything it’s only more experience regarding the work I would like to do, and it fairly directly tied to my major/minor (Digital arts and Marketing, respectively).  I also work on editing photos, designing Facebook covers, and we’re in the works of changing stock photos on the website into real photos from videos or actual events. I will also be working one-on-one with the head of Collective in order to tie in some image themes with a series they will be doing in the next few months.

The environment otherwise is very relaxed, but it’s understood that I should get my work done on time and make it known when I need more. I often help with setting up and taking down, as well as serving coffee before Sunday services. Because of this I’m able to help myself to a cup or three which is great, and it helps a bit with the 2pm slow-down I often have during my shifts. I’ve also been able to walk around DeLand and encounter more shops than I usually would while putting up posters. Additionally, I get to meet the owners and people behind the counters which makes downtown feel a little homey-er. Overall it’s been great, and I’m looking forward to seeing if I can make an impact!

The First of the Profiles

The first profile went up today! Jasmine Ramos responded to the email and sent us a really good bio and answers to the questions. I’m excited! It’s nice to see the website catching up to current events. This is definitely one of the easier things to do as well, because it’s all written out for me. All I’ve done is just change a few things that sound awkward, add in some SEO tags, and then I added a link to Gary Bolding’s faculty page in case income students or parents want to see who Jasmine is talking about. I am still having a little trouble, though, remembering each individual thing (like where to write the little quote that shows up above the headshot in profiles).  Every time I write a post there’s a new thing I don’t know how to do! Which is good, because I like doing things I don’t know how to do. After the first one, I should be able to do the rest easily.

I think these profiles are going to be really good for the CREA page, because while students do want to know what kind of stuff goes on, they really want to know who goes to the school and who they will be taught by. I definitely am inspired by seeing other artists work, and seeing creative people makes me believe in a creative arts program. I’ve also emailed Madison Creech and Grace Ramsey about the faculty profiles. Madison Creech has already responded so I’ve sent her the questions, but I’d like to put up Grace Ramsey’s first because she is leaving before Creech. Hopefully we get more seniors as well!

Andrew Learns Audio

On Monday January 30th at 6:20pm during the Men’s basketball game, Jeffrey Taylor assigned me to learn audio by shadowing Hunter who works near the trailer.
For audio you are told to control the sound and listen to orders. Ambiance, music, and microphone.
The commentary could say that they want the volume for the microphone turned up or lowered.
 I learned that CG sound is for the introduction and replay 2 is for the voices. Replay 2 requires the switches to be moved up or down for control.Loudness box is to see how loud or low the sound is and in order to control it you will have to do that with the switches.
 The gray and white channels are EQ to control the commentary headsets.  The channels start from bottom, middle, and to the top. Low, mid, and high have two knobs each that are gray and white. I leaned that Evans and cris is to control the commentaries’  microphones . Also, I learned that there are two separate knobs that control the music for the game and that they have to be turned up or down at the same time or one side of the music will play louder than the other one. When the game is about to go to commercial break it is important to mute everything because the audience at home will be able to to hear everything that is going on during the game. In addition, you have to not have the sound and music muted when the game comes back on.

Opening Exhibitions

It’s my first week as the intern for the Art Department! I’ve only just started, but already had a few problems. At first, I was unable to write anything. Then, I couldn’t upload the picture to the post because I didn’t have the required permissions. And of course, when I did get the permissions I accidentally forgot to put it in as the featured image, so it didn’t show up right. But, now that that is all out of the way, I’m pretty sure it’s only uphill from here! I’ve been thinking about other potential stories to write about, such as future events in the Art Department world. I’ve scanned through the events calendar at Stetson and the next event for art is The Art of Resilience show by the counseling center. However, that is tomorrow so if I’m going to write about it I should do it today.

I’m thinking that one probably won’t happen, so the next thing I should focus on is the “Alumni” panel. I’d like to expand it to current seniors in the Art School, as well as faculty. Speaking of faculty, I’m thinking that I’ll write pieces about the new faculty from this year, including Madison Creech and Grace Ramsey. This way we can start to bulk up the information on the site and give users a better experience. Hopefully knowing what’s going on here at Stetson will make prospective students excited and wanting to come to Stetson.